Website Tweaks and Issues

Hey Everyone,

As Spinetic enters it’s third year in business, I am once again working on our website to make it the best it can be.

Warehouse Wednesdays

Spinetic is moving our operations and thus are cleaning out a lot of overlooked areas in our warehouse. Every Wednesday we will be posting what we find for sale. We are finding a bunch of discontinued spinners here so if you’ve ever wanted some NTO, Anatolian, and VC EDC stuff stay tuned to our homepage ever Wednesday at 12pm noon MST. We will do our best to post the listings early so you know what is going up for sale but to find out first join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1085435654882964/?ref=bookmarks

Website Tweaks and Fixes

Ideally the goal for this new batch of tweaks is to optimize how things are displayed to make it easier to understand what we are working on and continuing to sell and produce. However bug fixes are just as important.

From tonight’s Warehouse Wednesday sale I noticed our website holds product up to and hour when someone goes to checkout but then closes out. This means the product will still show in stock on our website, but not let you actually check out until that 60 minute timer has expired. I have since removed that feature in order to prioritize those who are ready to check out and pay in full in order to avoid confusion.

Please let me know of any other bugs or issues you have on the Spinetic site. I do most of the web page development myself so your feedback is critical!

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