Spinetic Status Update!

We Moved Again! Items Found!

You may have noticed that things haven’t been getting any major updates here at Spinetic Spinners. Well that’s my, Joshua’s, fault. I just moved into a new home and with my day jobs it’s been a little more then I expected to try and manage everything.

However things are improving and over the past week we managed to unbox and find a bunch of items you may have been looking for!

What We Found So Far

  • Classics in Copper – X, Y, I
  • Stainless Steel Classic X
  • Titanium Classic X/Y
  • Black Classic X – VERY LIMITED
  • Stainless Steel Micro X/Y – VERY LIMITED
  • Black Micro X – VERY LIMITED


  • Black Circulators
  • Brass Rev Punx
  • Triton V2 Black (The Original version from VC-EDC not the “-S” redesign)

Limited? And When?

As noted above some items are extremely limited stock, only a couple have been found so far. Most of the items above are not being actively machined anymore so once they are gone they are gone for good so the waitlist will not be an option.

The problem with using the waitlist function for some of these items is we may only find 1-2 and notifying 10+ people will cause frustration for those who aren’t quick enough when we add them to stock.

What if the item I want from the list above is sold out then?

  • Email or Call Us directly and if another one is found while we unpack more we will contact you for payment.

As we continue to unpack and quality check items we find we will update everyone via this email list, social media, and our news section on the website. We ideally want to put up multiple items up at once though so expect these item stocks to be spread out (every couple weeks).

The above items will be live on our website tomorrow 6/19/2022 at 12pm PST/3PM EST.

What’s Next?

Other then the old item restocks we want to hear from you on what you want to see from us next now that we are back in full operations. Some ideas we are discussing internally are:

  • Revitalized DNA Series
  • Redesign of the Classics
  • Exotic Metals such as Mokume and Zircuti
  • Restock of the Finetic EDC Tide Coin
  • Voyager Mini
  • Restock of the Angle Series
  • Rerelease of the Pentatron from VC EDC

1 thought on “Spinetic Status Update!”

  1. Joshua & Tracy, 👋🏼

    As for what’s next? I vote for a restock of Angles and Acutes in Exotics. Particularly Zirc, Mokume, and Zircuti.

    Sorry for the late response. Just stumbled upon the pole this evening. 😄 Hope you’re getting comfortably settled into your new home.



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