Spinetic Customizing Delay and Upcoming Clearance

Hello everyone Josh here. Over the past month I have been struggling with some health issues that progressively got worse as the time went on. Last week I was not even able to come into the office and spent most of the week visiting doctors, getting test done, and resting. They have now figured out the issue and I am working towards a recovery. At this point I am feeling well enough to get back into work and start working on your orders, customizing, and new projects. While Tracy was able to help with most of the orders, we are a little behind and am working hard to get everything caught up. Due to this issue custom finishes have been temporarily disabled for all new orders. We expect to be able to re-enable them April 1st along with adding our new media blasting service. Finger pads are fairly quick and easy to do so I have left them enabled for the time being. There is a chance that some finishes may be re-enabled before that date, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Non-Spinetic Products Final Clearance –

This weekend we will be putting several products up for their final sale. These products include items from 2R Designs, RevPunx, Kepler Technology, and other Non-Spinetic branded/designed items. Once the sale has ended these products will be removed from our website and no longer sold. While we pride our store as having such a large variety, we have decided to still maintain said vast selection but via our Spinetic line, VC-EDC line, and other Spinetic exclusive products. We hope this change will allow us to be able to keep the items you want in stock more often.


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