Custom Finishes, Shipping Forwarding, and More!

Our team here at Spinetic Spinners offers additional services to not only make your shopping experience better but your general interaction with the spinner community. Check out what we have to offer below!

Here you will estimates for custom finishes when you order a spinner from us. While the variation is minimal, these times are specific to items in-stock purchase on spinetic-spinners. For Pre-Order and sent in items, these times may vary. We update these estimates on a bi-daily basis, but you may always contact us for exact estimates.


24-48 hours

Acid Washing

24-48 hours


48 hours


1 Week

Laser Engraving

48 hours

Hammered Flats

24-48 hours

It’s Always Wise to Customize

Got your eye on a new spinner but want more texture? How about giving new life to a spinner that you haven’t used in a while? Or maybe you just want to make your spinner unique to you. Well that’s what our custom finishes are all about!

We offer a variety of custom finishes on items we sell on our website, while also being able to take in your spinners and give them a fresh look. Our list of available finishes is always growing, so make sure to keep an eye here, our news page, or social media for when we show off new techniques.

If you wish to purchase a spinner with us and have a custom finished applied, simply browse to the product that interest you and the optional finishes will appear after you select what metal you want. Laser engraving is fully customizable and varies great in cost, thus you will be able to select it but will not be billed until the finish is completed.

If you are wanting to send in your spinner we have an additional form below for you to fill out so we can get the process going.

We always want to make sure you love the custom finish you receive from us so if you would like a photo of your spinner before it ships please let us know as soon as possible.

Finishing Options

Texture and Grip

Dark and Aged

Silky Smooth Shine

A Mountainous Character

All the colors

Freaking Laser Beams

Our Portfolio of Past Works

Send in your Spinner for Finishing