Spinetic Spinners Services

Spinetic now offers additional services such as custom finishes and shipping fowarding.

It’s always wise to customize!

Spinetic’s workshop can provide you with ways to make your spinner customized to your liking. Below is a short explaination of each of the different finishes we can provide on our metal spinners.


Tumbling, also known as stonewashing, is the process of smoothing and burnish a rough surface. Our exact method of tumbling helps remove and sharp edges and gives the spinner an overall matte finish to it. The closest appearance we can relate the finish to is a galvanized finish.


Polishing also helps smooth out a rough surface and gives the spinner a beautiful finish but does differ to tumbling in a few ways. Polishing is done with a slightly abbrasive compound vs physical media so the hard edges or corners of your spinner will not be effected the same as tumbling would. In addition a polished finish will be very reflective and shiny. A polish finish is not permanent on certain metals such as brass and copper. Over time these metals will loose their shiny apperance and oxidize. To remove the oxidazation a metal polishing compound such as MothersĀ® Mag & Aluminum Polish, available at most hardware stores, is needed.

Heat Treatment/Tempering

Our heat treatment finish is the process of heating up the metal to a specific temperature to achieve a certain color. The process, also known as tempering, builds up a layer of oxization that causes an interference with light. This finish is only offered only on stainless steel and titanium. The colors that can be produced from this method range from gold, blue, and purple. We like to call this treatment the industrial/steampunk style of finishing.


Anodizing is similar to heat treatment in terms of building up a layer of oxidization to modify the color of a spinner, however it is not done with heat. Anodizing instead uses electricity to achieve a certain color. As the voltage is increased so is the thickness of the oxidization layer and thus changing the color. While anodizing is also used for aluminum, that process uses dyes and we can not offer that at our current facility. Anodizing is available on any titanium spinners in a variety of colors ranging from gold, blue, green, purple, and pink.

Request a Customized Finish

We offer the above custom finishes as an add-ons when you purchase your spinner from our website, however this are just our basic ones. If you would like a customized version or send us your spinner you already own we will gladly assist you. We can do finishes that involve multiple methods or even different combinations of color and patterns.

Please be aware that customized finishes vary in cost due to the varying amount of labor required. If you are shipping us a spinner already own, you are responsible for shipping to and from our facility.

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Shipping Forwarding Service

With so many awesome makers in the spinner market, living outside of the United States can make this hobby very expensive. That’s where our shipping forwarding service comes in! Purchase spinners from all the makers (or on the 2nd hand market) you want and then send them to us instead of directly to you. We can then combine all your products into one shipment saving you money on shipping costs!

To take advantage of this service either purchase the service now via the product link to the left if you know the packages’ weight, or fill out the form below and pay once everything arrives at our facility. This service is intended for spinners and related accessories only. For all other items, please contact Spinetic Spinners for prior approval. Spinetic Spinners reserves the right to not forward items that is deemed dangerous or illegal in any way, shape, or form.