VC-EDC Triton-S Mini

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The Triton-S and Micro are doing very well and people seem to be enjoying them. However there seemed to be too large of a gap between the full size and the micro. Well that’s where the Triton-S Mini comes in. The Triton-S Mini has larger flats to help add some extra weight that was removed from shrinking the design down to just under 40mm. This design has quickly became one of our favorite mini spinners as it still has a ton of weight to it! The Triton-S Mini features the new VC EDC style button, 20mm diameter, and our new screw in press-fit system. This screw in press-fit system combines the vertical retention system and press-fit into one. The bearing is press-fit into a retention style screw. This allows for easy removal of the bearing assembly for swapping or cleaning, while still retaining the tight spin qualities found on press-fit spinners. Plus you can use all your press-fit finger pads on this system without the need of UniFit washers! Each spinner will include an extra screw assembly with so you can toss in your favorite bearing and a tool to help remove said screw.

– Stainless Steel/Copper/Titanium/Bronze Frame and Finger Pads

*Bearing: R188 – Spinetic S Class TC +1 extra bearing housing

Stainless Steel ~ 80g
Bronze ~ 90g
Copper ~ 90g
Titanium ~ 48g

* Size – 39mm  x 39mm x 12.0mm (LxWx Button H of arm)

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