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$2.50 USD

Have you ever wanted to get a better idea for a spinner but don't want to buy it and then it turns out to be not for you? Even though we try to make the return process as easy as possible it still takes time to go through the process. Well now you can try before you buy! Our production process is quite simple. Design, 3D print, metal prototype, and then production. We can now let you take advantage of our second step, 3D printing. This will allow you to get a better idea of the shape and feel of a spinner before purchasing it's metal counterpart. In some cases you can even test out one of our latest designs before it's even released! Have your own design submit it below and we can print it for you.* If you have your own 3D printer please email us and we can send over a file for you to print yourself.

In order to allow you to spin the 3D printed spinner, they are modified to have the bearing held in place via pressfit. The spinner will have a bearing pre-installed and unless stated not come with any finger pads/buttons. 3D printed objects are constructed from PLA plastic and thus will not have an accurate weight in comparison to metal.

3D Printing is a time consuming process and your order may take extra time to produce depending on the current workload.

*Submitted designs will need to be reviewed and in some cases modified in order for them to print properly. If we have issues printing your design we will contact you via email.


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