Spinetic Spinners Y Spinner


*Bearing – Steel R188

Stainless Steel – 55.9g
Brass/Black – 60.4g
Copper – 63.2g

*Size – 55mm

*Est. Two-Handed Spin Time (Out of the Box) – 3:00+


Optional Stainless Steel Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Titanium Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $14.99 USD

Optional Electroplated Finishes

+ $4.99 USD

Creates a weathered/worn look and chips at plating

+ $9.99 USD

Highest parts of the spinner are sanded to expose the metal under the plating

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Brass Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Copper Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Anodize Color

Custom Anodized Color

Finger Pad Finishing

Bearing Choice

Compared against stock bearing:
Hybrid Ceramic – Louder and longer spin time (currently unavailable)
FZ Essentials SBV2 Bearing – Quieter and less spin Time

+ $2.49 USD
Product price:
Additional options total:
Order total:


82 reviews for Spinetic Spinners Y Spinner

  1. Erika (verified owner)

    This has definitely become my new favorite spinner! Very well crafted, spins insanely well right out of box…..no need to worry about break in period. Buttery smooth spins! I just can’t not say enough positive things about this spinner. The only thing I DON’T like, is that I didn’t buy two!

  2. Elias (verified owner)

    Fantastic spinner! For my first spinner I think this sets the bar high for other companies. Great price too.

  3. 123ridebmx (verified owner)

    Just got my brass Y in the mail today, and my first timed spin was over 4 minutes 1 handed. This is fantastic spinner for the price, and I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s extremely smooth and quiet, and very satisfying to spin. It’s pretty small though, so keep that in mind if you have larger hands, but I have smaller hands so it doesn’t bother me at all. An easy 5 stars. I will be purchasing another soon!

  4. Marcus (verified owner)

    Awesome price for an amazing spinner. I love it, my siblings tried to steal from me or even spin it while I hold it right after I got it out of the box. Even got 3:30 mins of spin right out the box!

  5. Joshua (verified owner)

    Best spinner on the market for the money. Ordered a stainless y, then bought a copper x and y. Now i need some brass ones??

  6. Chad (verified owner)

    Awesome spinner, a little rough edges but no where near sharp! Spins quiet and my first two hand spin was 5:29 seconds!

  7. Dustin (verified owner)

    A FANTASTIC spinner for the price! I was absolutely blown away by the quality and smoothness of it! Fantastic spin times, I got 3min one handed spins out of the box, 4 min two handed spins and now I’m getting as long as 5:14 with two handed spins!

    The size is definitely on the smaller side which was not a problem, it is PERFECT for me where as its too small for my husband (but that’s fine with me, that means he won’t touch it!) At first I was afraid it was going to be too big like some of the until other tri spinners I’ve seen but once I saw a picture someone else posted in Spin Space of theirs with a few other popular spinners in the same shot, it gave me expect idea of it’s size and I knew I had to have it! I can’t wait to order more when they’re back in stock. I’ll be picking up the brass X for sure, and likely both versions of the copper as well!

  8. Michael (verified owner)

    I received it less than 2 hours ago, and have had a hard time putting it down. I’ve stopped to spin a few times whilst typing just to gather these thoughts:

    It is much smaller than anticipated, but not like you’ll lose it forever tiny. Now those spinners 65mm and up don’t scare me. This one rings in at a robust 55mm and weighs just under 60 grams. I typically wear a men’s size large glove – and have about 1 inch of space between my palm and the Y spinner when spinning.

    This is BUTTERY smooth. Literally right out of the box – with zero time to warm up (it’s 22*F here today) I had a 4:08 spin time. There is little to no wobble, and only a slightly refreshing hum. The bearing is darn near silent, and in terms of performance is fantastic. Also – the fact that it is easily removable to be replaced/cleaned is a spinner’s dream feature.

    The edges, while somewhat sharp, really haven’t bothered me yet. What I will say, is that if I had gotten the X – I think my hands would actually be too big for it. I like where my fingers hit with the Y for spinning a lot as it stands. If I tightened that gap….I’m not sure I’d do as well with it.

    Presentation of this little dream is fantastic. You get the a tin with a foam insert custom cut to the Y shape (see pic). The insert is smartly designed to allow your fingers access to the spinner to get it back out also. While it could be an EDC outside of the tin, for those who want to not clean it as much – the tin will be useful. It can also sit on your desk if needed.

    Shipping and communication was quick and great, respectively. I ordered this Sunday and paid for 1st Class Mail USPS for a skosh cheaper than the priority. I had it from Arizona to Ohio in 3 working days. I was sent an email confirming the order, and once it was shipped – another confirming completion and adding package tracking.

    Aesthetically this is machined well. You can see some tooling marks, but nothing to really gripe over. It IS well done. I think the spinner finger pads are laser etched with the logo – which is nice. Maybe they are printed on, but I don’t think so. As mentioned before – the Y aspect seems to work with my “spin techniques” over what I imagine the X would. The gap is perfect for me, and everything is very well balanced.

    For $35, and under $40 shipped – this is a fantastic buy. I don’t see how you can be disappointed. Even though it is smaller than I imagined, it surprisingly is very comfortable. It is built to last, built to spin, and wonderful to have as a first spinner. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest the purchase.

  9. Patrick (verified owner)

    I made a video review. Damn good job with this one!

  10. Bobbypopaz (verified owner)

    Amazing spinner. Smooth, great size, comfortable, easily breaks 4+ minute spins right out of the box, and great customer service! Will be buying more from Spinetic.

  11. Hugh (verified owner)

    I’ve had my SS Y for about a week and I absolutely love it. It has gotten 5-6 min spins every time. If they make an XL version…. I’m in!!! Please make on a little bigger for guys with big ass hands like me. lol

  12. Tyler (verified owner)

    Second purchase! Initial spin out of the box was 3 min 37 seconds. Very impressed. Some slight scratching on the surface. Look to be tool marks but as copper is a soft metal this is to be expected. One edge of the Y is slightly unbalanced by a couple grams which is quite negligible. Overall a beautiful piece that makes a great addition to my SS X. Would buy again.

  13. Chase (verified owner)

    I love this spinner, its spins smooth. Right out of the box I got about 3-4 minutes, now I’m getting up to 5-6 minutes per spin! Its a great spinner for the price and I can’t wait until I get an X one

  14. richardoverby85 (verified owner)

    If you have been wanting to get a spinner for some time now and have been hesitant to spend the $100 plus on some of the others due to being a starter then this is the absolute best choice out there for cost.

    I have been a lifetime fidgeter but only a short time spinner. I started with a plastic 3D printed spinnner then worked my way up to diy spinners and they all fell short of my standard.

    I came across this and contacted the owner a few times to let him know how excited I was about he was doing.

    They are an amazing company and Joshua is a truly great guy who just gets it.

    Straight out of the box this spun for 4:46 minutes that’s amazing time. I’m personally not a timer and just spin short spins but boy does this thing feel amazing.

    I also utilize this to help my son who has a few sensory issues. We use this to calm him in times of fits of anger or outbursts. He loves this one specifically and wants one of his own.

    It’s small enough for even a 3 year old to use as well as we had my daughter try it out. Again the same result “will you buy me one daddy?”

    To end this long rant of excitement I will 100% give my stamp of approval on these products and will continue to do business as well.

    I can’t afford the additional spinners at this moment but I’m certain a few may come in he near future.

    Thanks again Joshua for what you do and keep on truckin brotha!!

  15. Colby (verified owner)

    This spinner is my 2nd spinetic and I must say, it’s DAMN NICE. I personally much prefer this model over my X, and the size is slightly better for my hand size. It spins much nicer than my brass X (which spun great as well, but I believe the bearing may have been somewhat defective). Overall, I absolutely love this design for my style of spinning (holding with my thumb and index finger, then flicking with my middle finger)

    Overall, I give this phenomenal deal a 11/10 🙂

  16. Casey (verified owner)

    Buying the Y and X made me wonder why I’ve been paying 3 to 4x the price for a spinner! These spin so smooth and very quiet, I got 3 to 4 min spins out of the mail and since I’ve cleaned them I get much longer. The packaging and shipping is top notch as well, great job goes to spinetic they definitely have my business!

  17. rejecktd (verified owner)

    Excellent spinner and price!

  18. bowman.lukel (verified owner)

    Got my Spinner today and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was packaged well, delivered quick, got it in 3 days. I love it, getting 5 minute spins immediately! Really enjoy this product, highly recommend!

  19. nicholasjean88 (verified owner)

    No complaints, my first spinner and I’m loving it so far

  20. bobbert36043 (verified owner)

    Amazing, it only took a few days to arrive. I love it, I have almost no complaints, the only thing is that it has a little bit of a wobble to it. I can get it to spin for 5 minutes, it is very fun to play with.

  21. Kieran (verified owner)

    Very impressed!! Less than 5 days to arrive and I’m all the way over in Ireland. Best spinner I have, great finish and great price!

  22. rol4ndli (verified owner)

    6 out of 5 stars. It’s a mastapiece. (spelling error intended)

  23. Democ89 (verified owner)

    This spinner lives up to its reputation very well! It spins very smoothly and mine got over 4 minute spin time right out of the box. The tin that it comes in has an interior soft felt cushion that contours to the shape of the spinner for secure storage and it fits in your pocket very nicely. The center button has a nice laser etched Spinetic logo on it which adds a nice grip to hold onto. I was lucky enough for this to be one of my first spinners and it has definitely set the bar high for any of my future purchases.

    Aside from the spinner itself, I found that the customer service that I was given was top notch! I came into a couple of un usual circumstances and even accidentally had the wrong shipping address on my order. Joshua was more than happy to help even at late hours and promptly fixed my error. The spinner arrived to Canada in about a week. There were no un expected shipping costs or delays and I plan to buy all my future spinners from this site. From order to delivery I’m very happy with the whole experience and would recommend this spinner and spinetic 100%.

  24. zettaikenryoku (verified owner)

    It’s a great spinner like many have already mentioned, got around 4 minute spin out of the box, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price tag in my opinion. It’s also not as silent as I thought it would be from the videos I’ve watched where the reviewer said they don’t hear anything.

    If there was a smaller version of this a well I would prefer that one as this is a bit big in my hands which makes it difficult to spin sometimes.

    Overall, I like this spinner, but not sure if I feel I got what I paid for and again this is my own opinion for this.

  25. rol4ndli (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. (Get it? because pennies are also made of copper?)

  26. Johnathan (verified owner)

    Amazing product. The quality and finish were beyond my expectation. Smooth spin out of the box. Delivered on a cold Kentucky day. 4:59:46 first spin. Thank you for the quick delivery. And thank you again for your kind donations to good causes.

  27. jeppewerring09 (verified owner)

    great spinner for a great price. only has 1 imperfection which was a decent sized scratch, has a very little wobble which is only noticeable when balancing it on 1 finger while it’s spinning. the best spin time i’ve gotten is 4:54. the spinner is also extremely durable. couldn’t ask for more.

  28. lukevader (verified owner)

    Amazing spinner. I cant believe the quality of these spinners, especially in this price range. I wanted the brass X but it always goes out of stock before I’m able to scoop one up. The Y is a close 2nd place for me though for sure.

    Great spin times, quiet, easy to flick one handed, and it seems like it just wants to spin. As soon as I’m able to, I’m definitely picking up another one.

    If you’re on the fence about picking one of these up and haven’t yet, stop stalling and put it in your cart before it sells out! You wont be disappointed!

  29. Jeremy_Noll (verified owner)

    I’m not sure what anyone else is saying about unbalanced spinners because I ordered my copper Y spinner and it is fabricated flawlessly, perfectly balanced. Purchased a few mass produced spinners you find everywhere online, don’t waste your money, you want what these guys here are selling. A lot of time and love went into making these, no wobble or any other imperfections, everything was designed to the T. Great spinner guys! Now if only the site would let me purchase a third one, the limited edition that just went up….

  30. Jeremy_Noll (verified owner)

    Nevermind, guess I seen something I wasn’t supposed to see yet ha!

    • Spinetic Spinners

      Hey Jeremy, we only have a small first batch of them. About 20. And we will not be taking a waitlist for the LE editions. But thank you so much for your awesome review and stay tuned for more LE editions!

  31. Luc27.coul

    I have had this spinner for about a week now (bought using a different account thats why it doesn’t say verified owner) and I am very amazed by the quality of it. The edges aren’t as ‘sharp’ as a lot of people quote in their reviews, I find them perfect this way. It is also perfectly balanced (again, some other reviews seem to prove otherwise but mine is perfect) and the thing that amazed me the most is that when I tested the spin time out of the box it scored a staggering 398 seconds (6 minutes and 38 seconds)!!! It really proves that the high prices (like a torqbar ~200+ dollars) are completely outrageous.

    If you want a good spinner but don’t want to have to break the bank to do so, get a spinetic spinner. It is perfect.

  32. barkmanalex (verified owner)

    Very very good product!! Spins very good straight out of the box. Also outstanding customer service. They are very prompt with responses and will fix any problem you have with no hassle

  33. Jeffrey

    I received the SS X today, and all I can is, WOW!
    Now I’m just waiting for the SS Y to restock so I can have that set.
    Fantastic customer service, shipping, and over all value!

  34. lundberg.m (verified owner)

    Very good spinner highly recommend it.

  35. ernestbullard (verified owner)

    You’d be hard pressed to find a better spinner at this price. No balance issues here. This thing feels great. Fast shipping too. Looking forward to the new model.

  36. thewayofthegun1 (verified owner)

    The “Y” brass spinner is legit! I got over 5 minutes two Handed while sitting in my car outside the Post Office. So we were off to a good start. I paid for priority mail and it arrived in 3 days in a small priority mail box.
    Comes in a nice tin so they get presentation points. Also included is the invoice and Joshua’s business card.
    Seems well built and the machine marks add character. It has a nice brass shine.
    It spins smoother than my copper Tri Fidget spinner I purchased on the bay with “upgraded bearing” which was 5 dollars cheaper BUT…. The “Y” is outperforming it in every category. Spin time, feel and build: The Y
    Sound wise it’s also quieter but still has that brassy whine sound. I personally kind of like the “hum” spinners make. A dead quiet spinner is not my thing.
    Overall great job spinetics. I would love to see some unique shapes or designs, if not as permanent items, then maybe special runs.

  37. saypat (verified owner)

    Received my black Y spinner today. Received it in 2 days after ordering using regular shipping! Nice packaging. I got a discount and a free pouch, nice touch there! This is my first spinner, I had done a lot of research. I could not be happier! 4 1/2 minutes for my 1st spin. I have to be careful as this is addicting, so many I would like to purchase. Really recommend this one and the company.

  38. emilmhp (verified owner)

    this was my first spinner and im so damn satisfied it spins like a dream with minimum to almost no sound i got it in 3 days and my spin time right out of the box was 4:30 min. mine did not have dents in it at all and i can only say im extremely happy with it 10/5 highly recommend it. dont take my word for it read the other reviews this was my first after all…

  39. cobrahov (verified owner)

    just got mine today,this is one of a kind spinner,supeeeeeeer cute,just get one… gonna get the x spinner soon…great shipping and value…

  40. Dale (verified owner)

    This is my first spinner and it is amazing! The edges around the weights are rounded and everything is smooth. The Spinetic Spinners logo on the thumb pads adds some grip. A table spin out of the box was about 4:15 min. There were no chip one soever. When you spin it, there is a quiet hum which is nice. It also comes with Joshua’s business card (which looks quite lit in my opinion). Overall, I would rate it 6/5 and would recommend it to anyone.

  41. mrsoul (verified owner)

    My first “brand name” spinner was the Spinetic copper X spinner which I got about two weeks ago. I was ready to try a Y spinner and the black Y spinner looked quite nice in the picture.

    I got a coupon for 10% off plus a free Spinetic spinner bag so I jumped on getting the black Y spinner right away. I got it in the mail today and I’ve been fidgeting with it quite a bit. I really like the black color and finish. The gold Spinetic logo on the cap stands out quite nicely against the black. I like how the caps are sort of glossy while the rest of the black is more of a flat black. I have to admit that I like the look of the black spinner much more than my copper one.

    I’m totally new to spinners so I’m learning about how long the different metals can spin and how much this break in period really matters. I was immediately getting a consistent 4 minute spin with the copper X spinner and got up to a consistent 5 minute spin within a day or two. I see the black spinner is made of brass with stainless finger pads. I’m not totally sure what all of that means. But my first spins with the black spinner have only been between 3 and 4 minutes as compared to 4 to 5 minutes with the copper spinner.

    I realize there are a lot of factors to look at. The copper feels heavier than the brass. The copper is an X and the brass is a Y.
    I don’t know if the brass one needs some breaking in. It seems to be spinning very fast when I start it with a two handed spin. But it starts slowing down between 2 1/2 and 3 minutes and kind of plods to reach 4 minutes where the copper X spinner was doing 4 minutes right away. Being totally new to spinners, I have to assume that the heavier copper X spinner is going to spin longer than the lighter bronze Y spinner. But I’m definitely going to do a lot more testing on the black one to see if I can extend its spin time.

    Regardless of the spin times, with both exceeding the more common 1 to 2 minute spin, I feel like a loyal Spinetic customer now because of high quality spinners at an affordable price. Now I’m waiting for the Pi version 1 to take it out for a spin (pun intended).

  42. jzahnd89 (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with it! This is my first spinner and I gotta say its a lot of fun! Very impressed with it especially for the price point, super smooth and the fit and finish is pretty great on it. I live in Switzerland and the overseas shipping took 5 days which is absolutely outstanding! Will definitely be buying more spinners from here in the near future!

  43. Luca (verified owner)

    Great little spinner, only negative is I don’t like the brass smell it leaves on my hands. Bought the stainless version and very happy.

  44. fred_pal2013 (verified owner)

    Quality spinner … Spins quiet and smooth … Vibrations from the bearings are very nice, when shifting after a strong two handed spin … The only con would be the edges … which can be a cuticle killer with multiple one handed flicks.

  45. PETER F (verified owner)

    Came balanced out of the box. Like Luc27 above I had really good spin times also. I had around 4 min. and 30 sec. out of the box. Cleaned the bearings like the YouTube video, ending with alcohol bath and air can dry. Best spin was 6 minutes and 11 seconds! Can get 5 min. and 50 sec all day. SInce this comes with steel bearings, I first replaced with hybrid ceramic and then full ceramic. Surprise. I only got 5 min and 11 second with hybrid ceramic and exactly 5 minutes with full ceramic. I went back to the Spinetic bearing. I was under the impression that hybrid was the best bearing, just that the harder ceramic ball wore the steel race in time. The full ceramic doesn’t do that but can be a touch slower. I don’t know what kind of steel bearing Spinetic is using but it is an extremely good bearing. Workmanship was flawless and the way my finger contacts the arms I don’t have any chaffing. The horizontal outside arm edges are not sharp on mine.

  46. lundberg.m (verified owner)

    Fantastic spinner looks and feels great. SS y

  47. Josh Rhame (verified owner)

    Found my new favorite. I have a C3, but it’s always been a little to hefty for my liking. This one is 10grams lighter and a absolutely perfect weight for me. Out of the box I got a 5:12 table spin. Very quiet in the hand and extremely smooth. Highly recommend this one!

  48. tero.natunen (verified owner)

    Love this. When i took it to my hand i fell love straight away. Spins very well and looks awesome. Strongly regomended.

  49. James Johnson (verified owner)

    Just got this in the mail today and I kid you not !!!
    Just timed it 4:04.90 OUT OF THE BOX!
    Just insane for the price… Insane!
    Thank you spinetic spinners for a great product. Keep doing what your doing !

  50. Christoph Tobler (verified owner)

    Just got it and straight away got 5:50 on a table spin. Lovin’ it so far!

  51. Nigel Ng Alvarez (verified owner)

    Smooth spinner, feels great to spin, got around 5.5 minutes out of the box. It’s great to fidget with, and is slightly larger than the X. The Copper is patina-ing very nicely – copper patinas quite quickly compared to other materials. The hot spots are gone, and there is no finger fatigue when spinning. I’ve got to get every single Y model in every material and finish made – just to be satisfied. even with the crazy shipping to get to Brunei, i’d say it is money well spent.

  52. John Coates Jr (verified owner)

    I got almost 7 minutes right out of the box. More than twice as much as advised. Amazing. Worth every penny.

  53. Brandon Boehme (verified owner)

    When I received this spinner I noticed that the finishing on it was much more sloppy then my other spinetic spinners, other than that it spins smooth and is a very good spinner for the price.

  54. destr0yerx4114 (verified owner)

    This spinner has proved to be my favorite of many. While it has slighty rough edges, the overall craftsmanship is astounding! And above all the customer service has been nothing less than kind and caring.

  55. evil_minou (verified owner)

    I had a few $8-15- those ones are laughable compared to this sturdy, heavy coppery beauty! Getting just around 4 mins spin time- extra smooth on a solid axis, but there’s some grinding/wobbling when shifting planes. Still has an great satisfying feel to it, though!

  56. Jonas Petzold (verified owner)

    This is an amazing piece of craftsmanship! Feels great in my hand and I got it spinning for 5:30 mins right out of the box. I also love the engraved bearing caps, they give a decent and safe feeling when spinning the Y on just the finger tip.

  57. Cameron Fagan (verified owner)

    Out of the box the easiest spinning, quietest, and smoothest spinner i have spun. looks awesome, and doesn’t hurt my finger to spin like some others do. Not too heavy that its annoying, and not too light that it doesn’t spin nice. All around best spinner for equal to or under $40 no doubt about it.

  58. Daniel Ander (verified owner)

    Amazing spinner, especially considering the pricepoint. EDC.

  59. Benjamin Bland (verified owner)

    Shipping was very fast and customer service was wonderful. I’ve had my Y for a few days now and I’m loving it. This is my first high quality metal spinner and it really dwarfs any other spinner I’ve used so far. It’s comfortable, smooth as butter, and quiet. My out of box spin-time was about 4 minutes 30 seconds. I am very happy with the function of this spinner.

    The single complaint I have is on the black PVD coating. It seems to chip really easily! I’ve been careful as I can be with my spinner but admittedly there have been a couple drops. They were from less than a foot high and onto my wood desk and the corners are already chipped.

    All in all, I love my Y and the black version is very sleek but you’ll have to be very careful to keep it looking that way.

  60. hawk1252 (verified owner)

    Just received mine today. This is my first metal spinner and must sy this thing is absolutely FANTASIC!!!!!! The weight and balance is absolutely wonderful. Little smaller than I expected but it is not really worth mentioning just that I was expecting a little bigger. Spin time right out of the box was unbelievable. No kidding 6 min 5 sec vertical spin and 6 min 15 sec horizontal. Great product, will definitely be ordering again!!

  61. Robert Allman (verified owner)

    I suppose this is rather crazy in that I’ve written a review here on my brass 2R Circulator but not on my Spinetics brass Y that I’ve had a month longer. My excuse is that the Y was my very first spinner and that I’m an old retiree. So I had nothing to compare it to and acquired it for reasons quite different from what they are touted as good for. I wanted one simply to exercise my hands to maintain a decent level of dexterity in my old age. 🙂
    But now that I have both the Y and Circulator and feel both are outstanding designs and build quality, I’m going to try to distinguish between the two. Certainly the difference between 2.1 and 2.72 ounces is quite noticeable as is the width of the spinners when holding their respective stock fingerpads. Then there’s the manipulation or what I suppose is more commonly called figeting. The Y allows your finger to get close to the center of mass then sliding up one of the three arms as you flick it. Great leverage. The Circulator with its closed exterior ring requires a different impulse from your finger much further from the center of mass. Thankfully the 8 “teeth” on the cog rim provide great purcahse for your fingers. For me and my medium sized hands I find the Y most enjoyable with a thumb and forefinger grip and middle finger flick. The Circulator though with the same pinch hold but employing my ringfinger to spin it. Of the two the Y is the easier for me to manipulate. Obviously your hand/finger size will have a bearing on what works best for you. Regardless both give a great feeling of smooth fluidity and gryoscopic sensation. Although I’m not big on table spin times, I have measured my Y with a clean stock SS bearing at 5:34 and the Circulator at 6:48 with a Spinetics open hybrid bearing installed. Both very respectable times from my knothole indicative of how smooth and easy spinning these pieces are. 🙂
    I personally love the look and feel of the brass each I have is made with. I live in a low humidity area of the country so tarnish or patina development is not very aggressive. I also use a small ultrasonic cleaner to periodically clean the spinners sans bearings. Never have detected any smell and the climate and cleaning may be why.
    Bottom line here is that I strongly feel I have two outstanding designs with these spinners: a tri and a cog. Both might very well be said to be among, if not the best of their class, especially for the price point / bang for the buck. The Y was my first spinner based on the consistent outstanding reviews it has garnered. I could not concur more. It simply is an outstanding piece. The Spinetics Y is very very highly recommended!

  62. srfulton77 (verified owner)

    Very nice spinner. I got nearly 5 minute spin straight out the box and nearly 6 once the bearing was thoroughly cleanned. That was with the steel bearing that it came with. I replaced it with a ceramic hybrid I ordered at the same time as the spinner. I got 6:50 from it once it was cleaned. My only complaint are the semi sharp edges. Really not a huge deal considering the great price point.

  63. Jarrett Motz (verified owner)

    Got my order very fast. This spinner is very silent and feels great. I easily got a 4min+ spin time right out of the box. It feels and looks amazing.

  64. donalda77 (verified owner)

    When I first got it the brushed finish would almost ring against my rough dry fingers. I opted to give it some time under a buffing wheel with blue compound. Now it feels nice and smooth all over. I didn’t lose its nearly flawless balance. (I did the same to a brass dapper with excellent results)

    This is definitely one of my favorites. It flicks super fast. You can feel its speed in a more satisfying way than a C3. I can do that pull back or ‘pre loaded’ flick with it. I carry it while walking without fear of dropping it because the grip is excellent. Its not too big for pocketing, though better in a coat than the jeans.

    I enjoy it very much.

  65. William Villnave (verified owner)

    I’ve had this for a bit over a week now. I just recorded a 5:19 vert spin. I have very large hands and this fits me well. The spinner is very easy to take apart and maintain. I have ordered a copper and a LE Stainless.

  66. David Ledogar (verified owner)

    I just received this today and my first impression was wow looks great but smaller than I thought. Then I picked it up and thought I was going to cut my fingers, it’s so raw and every edge on this thing is hot. I didn’t even want to spin it at first. It does have a nice smooth spin and very quiet. It just a good thing for me that I have a good buffer here and spent about an hour buffing this thing out so I could get a nice finger flick with this without ripping the skin off my fingers. Also after buffing it looks much better with the high gloss. So if you plan on buying one of these spinners you might want to keep this in mind. If you don’t mind the shape edges then you’ll have no problems.

  67. William Villnave (verified owner)

    WOW. First spin out of the tin……6:47. No B.S.
    Great job Spinetic!

  68. Scott Feigen (verified owner)

    Category defining.

    This is my second Spinetic Y. It’s the one I carry most often, and it’s the one I’m most likely to show friends (or anyone, really) who want to know what the whole spinner thing is about. Whether folks “get it” or not, they’re always impressed by the oft-mentioned buttery smoothness of the spin. The form factor & weight make it hard to put down.

    I have a growing spinner collection (including the elusive Pepyakka) and this little guy is still my #1 go to, and Spinetic is the brand I recommend when someone asks what they should get as a firstie. Love it. Top marks, guys!

    A note on the electroplating: Yes, over time the plating wears off one tiny chip at a time, but it still looks great. Treat it with kid gloves if you want, but I suggest letting it live & develop a little character!

  69. gutek-chan

    Received as a replacement for wobbly brass Y and I could not be happier. Buttery smooth, dead silent and very pleasing to fidget with. After breaking-in it reached 7:20 time and it doesn’t go low from that point – no cleaning/degreasing done: just pure power of hybrid ceramic bearing. You can’t go wrong with this one – just remeber that copper is VERY soft material. Mine already have some battle nicks and scratches on it but it doesn’t bother me – it gives to the warps more flair 🙂

  70. Gary Krausmann (verified owner)

    The edges are sharp and uncomfortable to fidget with. The spin time is amazing and buttery smooth.

  71. Kyle McClellan (verified owner)

    Not the most confortable design but i got it cause it looks beautiful. Keep it in a spinetic pouch to keep it nice. Has corners because the way its designed, but i expected this from watching reveiws. Mine seems excellent for the price. Corners are the only hotspot and sandpaper takes care of it easy but im not sanding mine. Very pretty.

  72. stephenwolfe (verified owner)

    This is instantly one of my favourite spinners. Such a smooth spin and comfortable to fidget with. I’m in the UK, and it only took 2 days from when I ordered it to arrive at my house which is fantastic too.

  73. Abhishek Poddar (verified owner)

    I had a lot of expectations from this spinner, because I purchased this after reading a lot of reviews and watching some YouTube videos, and trust me , if you are reading this, you are at the same position as I was, and I would recommend you not to waste any time further and just order this..
    This is something insane, spins like a dream ..
    You won’t be disappointed
    Thanks a lot spinetics for shipping this worldwide..

  74. Scott DeLong (verified owner)

    Love this spinner! Very smooth, great spin time, nice size and quite. Very fun to fidget with. Highly recommended

  75. waynehorneplumbing

    5min. 50sec. spin time, I’m not really into spin times but my stainless steel Y is so smooth and quiet, I just had to time it. It very easy to spin one handed forward and backward. The shipping was super fast and secure, Joshua’s Spinetic site is so easy to order from…this is my 5th spinner from him, and I will be getting more! Keep up the great work.

  76. michael.warren (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this spinner. Nice, smooth and quiet. Edges aren’t as sharp as some people have exaggerated. So far I love it and have no complaints. Very inexpensive for a quality spinner!

  77. bernarddoolan

    Beautiful design, super smooth and very comfortable in your hand. I got the brass version and it’s a cracking little spinner. Its just a tad on the smaller side for my preference but that’s just me. Nice weight and it’s hard to fault this little beauty. Worth every cent and a must for any collection.

  78. steffen.kolter (verified owner)

    Mine arrived yesterday and all i have to say is “absolutely beautiful”… no sharp edges, really amazing bearing… thanks for great work!

  79. ecandland

    I was a happy recipient of a complete set of SS Spinetic Classic spinners, so I figured the least I could do was write a review.
    First I’d like to say that these are really nice! When I’ve seen these in pictures, I thought they looked pretty good, but weren’t a must have. Now that I have them in my hot little hands, I’m really impressed. They are really much more impressive in person.
    While the X is my favorite of the three, the Y is also a great spinner. It clocked an impressive oob spin time of 6:00 minutes, edging out the other two Classic spinners. I’m very happy with all three spinners.
    Thanks Spinetic!!! You guys are the best.

  80. andrew2

    Nice spinner, fast + quick spinner. Had spinner for like idk 6 months, don’t put quick spinning spinner against top of case it scratches, don’t really care. Spinner consistently spins for 3.30+ take in mine I have done no work cleaning the spinner because who really does that? Spinner has nice color doesn’t chip that much and I don’t baby it. If you are thinking about getting it get it, one thing you might want to do is measure it out on a piece of paper to get a feel of the size, I thought it was going to be larger but I’ve learned to like the small size.

  81. a-ge

    so i finally received one of these classic spinners. and i’m really surprised it is this good.
    first impression was it seems much smaller than you would expect. actually it is kind of slim. but thats fine.
    the weights extend quite much from the center, so you have a pretty good momentum for a spin and this makes it super fidgetable. plus it is super smooth and stable. perfectly balanced.
    the edges are rounded, but they are still quite edgy. i like that, and i, personally woudln’t call it uncomfortable. its just edgy, but still fun to fidget with.
    so after all the great new spinners on the market since this one originated, it is still worth buying and you definately won’t regret owning these. i sure have to get me the X and I as well now.

  82. wayne-ang99

    My first spinner and this is awesome

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