Spinetic Spinners X Spinner


*Bearing – Steel R188

Stainless Steel – 60.4g
Brass/Black – 63.5g
Copper – 67.7g

*Size – 55mm

*Est. Two-Handed Spin Time (Out of the Box) – 3:00+


Optional Stainless Steel Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Titanium Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $14.99 USD

Optional Electroplated Finishes

+ $4.99 USD

Creates a weathered/worn look and chips at plating

+ $9.99 USD

Highest parts of the spinner are sanded to expose the metal under the plating

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Brass Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Copper Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Anodize Color

Custom Anodized Color

Finger Pad Finishing

Bearing Choice

Compared against stock bearing:
Hybrid Ceramic – Louder and longer spin time (currently unavailable)
FZ Essentials SBV2 Bearing – Quieter and less spin Time

+ $2.49 USD
Product price:
Additional options total:
Order total:


70 reviews for Spinetic Spinners X Spinner

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    I have been into spinners for quite some time now. I have never seen a value like this before. I received mine earlier today and my first spin out of the box was over 3 minutes. A $35 spinner with over a 3 minute spin right out of the box? I never thought I’d see the day, but it’s here. I’m already consistently getting over 4 minute spins. The fit and finish are what you would expect to see on something that cost 3 or 4 times as much. And it comes packaged in an awesome tin held securely in place. This is so fat beyond a home run it isn’t funny. So far I have the Brass X, but plan on adding the Brass Y and possibly some copper and stainless to the collection as well. If you’re on the fence about ordering one of these, do it. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Elias (verified owner)

    Second spinner purchased and just as great as the Y! Looking forward to the Titanium version.

  3. Christopher (verified owner)

    This spinner amazes me! The price this spinner is its leaps and bounds above any other I have come accross in this price range. It’s very well designed and made and the bearing is amazing. Straight out of the package one handed spin was over 4 minutes and so smooth and balanced. I have looked and looked for an affordable well made spinner and have 6 I don’t like some of them cost 20$ more then this and none even compare I feel like I got a top of the line spinner in my hand and I seriously can’t put it down it’s all I use anymore! I’ll be buying one of each x & y in every metal! Don’t waste your time trying to find a better deal cause I don’t think one exists! Very well done Spinetic I love these!

  4. Jonathan (verified owner)

    This Brass X was my first purchase from Spinetic and it’s really unbelievable how long this little guy spins for. The price and quality make this a no brainer if you are looking for a spinner. I just ordered my SS Y and can’t wait to use it!

  5. Tyler (verified owner)

    I got lucky and was able to purchase one of these bad Larry’s when it dropped. Just received it and straight away, on its first spin out of the box I clocked 3 min 38 sec. Spin time was impressive. Very quiet while spinning with very minimal wobble. Edges are smoothed and I cannot find a flaw in the workmanship. I would certainly recommend this spinner for anyone who wants a first class spinner but doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. Excellent product that I will certainly be ordering again!!

  6. Jason (verified owner)

    This is one bad ass little spinner! Super fast shipping!! The price is amazing as well! Thank you!

  7. Gordon (verified owner)

    Just received my SS X, great little spinner!!! Spins very smoothly with no wobble! 4 mins plus straight out of the box and very quiet. The edges on the arms could be more rounded but thats a small negative compared to all the positives!

    Will definitely be getting the Copper Y when available!

  8. James (verified owner)

    I was lucky enough to land the SS in the X and Y versions, I haven’t decided which is my favorite! The have very similar weights and spin times, but as is to be expected the handling is slightly different given their differing shapes. I highly recommend either of these!

  9. Colby (verified owner)

    Really great spinner, love the design and quality feel. I do believe my bearing was somewhat defective, but still really enjoy this spinner. Besides the bearing, I give this spinner a 10/10. Thanks Joshua!

  10. rejecktd (verified owner)

    Awesome spinner, super good price point. Would buy again. So I did.

  11. Michael (verified owner)

    Really impressive quality, especially considering the price point. Thanks Spinetic for the quality fidget fixer. This was my first purchase, but not my last.

  12. Jayden (verified owner)

    The quality on this is impeccable. Very quiet, and a little smaller than I originally thought it would be. I also picked up a $35 chinese knockoff spinner on Amazon, and this Spinetic one is sooo much better quality-wise for the same price! Will definitely buy a Y spinner next, you have a very happy new customer!

  13. blueangeltim

    Quick response within an hour to 5 minutes. And the spinner is amazing.

  14. suavvaj07 (verified owner)

    First off, this is a beautiful spinner. It ships in a tin with foam padding. When I first took it out, I was in awe. I love the design. The weight is perfect, in my opinion, because I like a heavier metal spinner. It spins very smoothly, and for quite some time. Spin time was clocked at 4:06 out of the box, and 5:09 after a few days of spinning and cleaning the bearing. When it spins, it does make a little metallic sound, but I actually enjoy it. I have heard of others stating that the edges were sharp, thus creating hot spots. I disagree with them; mine feel fine, and I actually like the edges less rounded. Overall, you would be hard pressed to find a spinner at this price point. Spinetic Spinners has created a winner here. I hope that they will continue to create new designs that everyone can afford.

  15. Michael (verified owner)

    I love this spinner! I made the mistake of showing it to my Parents…I had to buy them each their own!

  16. Dan (verified owner)

    Very nice. Fit and finish are quite good, especially given the price point. It looks slightly better than it feels in that the edges all look similar, but I found a number of the radial edges were not buffed or brushed to soften the sharp milling beyond burr removal. The outer circumferential edges are all buffed and smoothed, so the sharper radial edges are really something of a nitpick, as they are only really notable by touch and not unaided visual inspection.

    Performance is excellent out of the box for hand spinning vertically at an impressive 4:57 on the first spin of its dizzy little life! Not nearly as good for table spinning with a 3:27. I attribute this difference to the rediculously loose cage on the R188 bearing.

    Actually, the cage in the bearing is my only substantial complaint with this spinner. The cage is so lose that it literally hangs from the inner race when the spinner is vertical and not spinning. Lord knows what it does when table spinning, but it’s clearly creating significant drag and noise when oriented horizontally in motion. Spun vertically, the cage can be heard “singing” clearly at about 3,800hz, with several strong harmonics above that, as it bounces merrily all over the place.

    All of my bearing experience is with much, much larger or much, much smaller bearings than the R188, so I cannot say if the loose race is inherent in the spec or just how this particular manufacturer handles discretionary tolerances.

    I plan on cleaning the bearings, but I don’t really expect significant improvement with the cage as it is. I just can’t help but wonder what this spinner could do with a high quality ceramic or hybrid bearing, though.

    Final Assessment: This is an excellent spinner with very good performance at a very good price. This spinner is, by a wide margin, the best value to be found in a spinner, without stepping into the land of “price is no object.” You won’t regret investing in one of these even if you do move on to ultra-premium spinners. After all, you have to have a good loaner to keep your hands-off toys hands-off!

  17. Gary (verified owner)

    Very satisfied! For the money, I don’t think you could do any better. Finish is fairly raw, but I could care less. 5m40s out of the tin! Well done Spinetic.

  18. rajtyaujr (verified owner)

    I just got into playing around with spinners. This Stainless X version was my first ever metal spinner. Saw good reviews about Spinetic Spinners so I decided to get one before they all sold out. Compared to plastic models, this stainless X spinner feels totally awesome in my hand. So smooth with no wobble and spins forever. I was averaging 4 minute spin times with this spinner straight out of the tin can it came in. I can’t believe how addicting this little gadget is. It actually gives me a calm and soothing feeling when it spins in my hand. I read that a few owners said that these spinners might have a few rough unfinished edges on them. However, the one I received was well rounded and finished great. If you are thinking of getting one, don’t hesitate, just get one. Also, for the price, get more than one when they become available. You can’t go wrong.

  19. nico.saiger (verified owner)

    Great Spinner for an unbelievable price!
    Ultra fast shipping. Ordered and arrived within 6 days (incl. Saturday, Sunday and customs) here in Germany.
    Spin time was out of the box 4minutes and 47sec – pretty good.
    It’s smaller than you might think, but big enough to spin it. It has a good weight to it, feels pretty sturdy and the bearing lock is great!
    The problem everybody noticed with the hotspots is gone – seems like Spinetic fixed it with the latest ones.
    I totally recommend to buy one and I’m sure this won’t be my only one!

  20. knikaidoh (verified owner)

    This was my first quality spinner purchase. I started with a plastic tri-spinner (great, but it broke). Then I made some Munsen ring spinners (I gave them as gifts to fidgety coworkers), and finally I bought a knock-off torqbar on eBay (fast, but way too much wobble).

    The Spinetic X (steel) is by far the best I’ve used. There is no perceptible wobble, it’s extremely fast (I haven’t timed it), and it’s very attractive. It’s smaller than I imagined it, but I’m loving it for fast fidget-heavy back-and-forth. I think they must have fixed the hotspot issue, because mine is flawless. There is an edge to it (I may have scratches on my fingernails), but it’s by no means uncomfortable to the skin. The logo caps are beautiful, and provide effective but subtle grip. They could easily sell these for far more than ~$40, so I will undoubtedly be back to buy these as gifts….and maybe a copper Y for myself when that’s back in stock.

  21. genuine0077 (verified owner)

    Smaller than you think, but it is absolutely wonderful. Will be looking forward to buy some extra Xs and Ys as soon as I get the chance.

  22. grimace_42 (verified owner)

    My favorite spinner by far. Silky smooth spin, nearly puts my $120 spinner to shame.
    Highly suggest buying an X next time they are back in stock, you wont be disappointed

  23. mrsoul (verified owner)

    I got my spinner this afternoon and I’m very pleased. It does come nicely presented in the little tin with the spinner resting in the foam rubber. I imagine it’s smaller than I expected but I do like the small size. I haven’t had any problem at all with sharp edges or “hot spots”. Perhaps Spinetic has been reading the complaints about the sharp edges and is doing a better job of finishing the edges?

    It spins very steady and is very quite. I think any sound I’m hearing is the spinner pushing the air as it spins I can’t hear the bearings at all.

    I’ve done several two-handed spins and I’m consistently getting a bit over 4 minutes. My high so far is 4:40. I’m trying very hard to hit 5 minutes and I’m confident that I will reach 5 minutes with a little more practice. I’m having a problem with the spinner brushing against a finger or my hand and slowing it down. Once I can finally learn to hold the spinner correctly, I don’t expect any problems getting to 5 minutes or more.

    I am totally new to spinners. I’ve never heard anything about them until I somehow came across several videos on YouTube. I looked on Amazon and eBay and got totally confused with all the different brands, shapes, and prices. I saw a few videos on YouTube where a Spinetic was getting a good review or a guy was showing his five favorite spinners. Like most of the reviews I’ve read, $35 for a Spinetic sounds much better than $200 or more for some mythical brand. I’m mainly interested in getting long spin time and it seems the spin times are the same whether the spinner costs a couple of dollars or $200, Spinetic seems to be a good balance of high spin times, well manufactured, and well priced. I can hardly wait now to by the black one or the stainless steel one. I’m hooked on spinners after less than two weeks.

  24. frostyfrog (verified owner)

    Great spinner! These are some of the most smoothest, balanced spinners for the $$, equivalent to some twice the price or more. If your on the fence, or looking for your first metal spinner, this is and the rest of the series are great. The X is tighter (between the fingers) than the Y, but I love both styles. And the customer service, shipping etc, is great by this company.

  25. npage117 (verified owner)

    Super cool spinner its smaller than I expected but this is a good characteristic to me. I’m glad I got the X because it feels perfect and I’m accustomed to 3 pronged spinners but this one is small and lightweight and spins for about 5 minutes right out of the box! Looks badass and functions perfectly buy this spinner

  26. oskujaasko

    This thing is so cool and it spins like a dream!!!!! Spinning time is 5.05 min. It arrived here in finland at six days. I highly recommend this.

  27. jdmerrell (verified owner)

    Received the Copper-X…and this thing is awesome. The look, the feel, the silence…could not be happier. I use this as my EDC over my more expensive spinners. Fast shipping, great packaging, and top notch spinner.

  28. davidjentis (verified owner)

    I have a few $100+ spinners. This is hands down the nicest out of the box spinner on the market. It is solid in the hand and the spins are amazing!

  29. Sean Butler (verified owner)

    This thing is awesome, and looks amazing with the polished stainless steel and it spins FOREVER. I bring it anywhere I go and love flaunting it. Its honestly the best 40 bucks i’ve spent this year. This is my first spinner and might even be my last,Thank you Spinetic!

  30. Joseph Muolo (verified owner)

    Just received mine. Absolutely amazing. I love the weight of the copper X. I haven’t timed the spin yet because it spins so long I stop it to give it another spin. I’m impatient.

  31. sky_anthony95 (verified owner)

    I like the way it spin and the weight distribution on it. But mine is not as smooth as other people said. Still, it’s a very good spinner to get

    • Spinetic Spinners

      sorry to hear that, maybe its a defect?

  32. Andrew Katz (verified owner)

    I was introduced to this product by a friend and it is the best purchase I have made in 2017. The stainless steel X is actually the 2nd spinner I’ve bought from this site, with the first being the copper Y. Having used both, the X is much better in my opinion and the steel is better than copper.

    I messed up my first bearing, but they were quick to replace it free of charge. I recommend this video for cleaning the bearing to maximize spin times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MiydBkslUs

  33. Marques Vidad (verified owner)

    Awesome spinner! I originally wanted the Y spinner in SS but it sold out before I could purchase. Settled with the X spinner and couldn’t be more than happy with it! Super smooth spin, quiet but with a subtle whirring, very minimal to no wobble, perfect balance, & got a nearly 5 min spin time out the box! I always thought that quad spinners won’t be as fidget friendly as Tri-spinners. In this case The X spinner is a winner in that category. Finger lands in the right place practically every time. My favorite spinner thus far and it’s my 4th collectible. Looking to purchase the brass X spinner as well to mix and match buttons for a nice 2-tone. Good work spinetic!

  34. araigne_bleue (verified owner)

    I received my SS X spinner last week and was very happy with the comfort of it, but the bearing that came with it had a small default that made the spin not enjoyable. I contacted spinetic spinners about this issue and showed them a video of my issue along with my order number. They immediately sent me a replacement stainless steel bearing and I got it in a week. It works great now and is overall one of my favorite spinners. This kind of quality customer service really blew me away, as it was fast, effective and overall just great. Fantastic spinner, amazing service. 5 stars for sure.

  35. Nigel Ng Alvarez (verified owner)

    Amazing spinner. So smooth, got well near 6 minutes out of the box. there are no more hot spots on the edges. super silent, and smooth spinning as mentioned before. It seems to be a 4 arm trait. The Copper Y is smooth, but i find the Brass X even more smoother. Highly addictive to spin this spinner and i will be back to get all X’s in every material and finish.

  36. Gregory Englert (verified owner)

    I got this spinner after the dapper. The 4 bars eliminate almost all wobble. Sound turns out to grow in volume over time. But carrying it in my pocket each day will do that. Highly recommend buying a closed bearing with it! (I would have, but couldn’t afford)

  37. edgedouble (verified owner)

    Made the account after purchase. So, non-verified.
    Where to start. I purchased the X model in brass and the Y in stainless.
    I own a VC COG 1.2 and a stainless Kepler Dapper as well. Fairly new to this wonderful disease.
    The x is beautiful. I got from the new batch and have encountered no “hot spots” – all areas of concern in videos that I watched beforehand appear to have been addressed. This is very fidgety being a four arm and can do rapid fire all day. Very very beautiful spin with a most satisfying soft sound I can’t describe, but I love. Out of the box I got a 4:19 table spin. Pretty impressive. Out of the 4 models I own this has the least “wobble” – the tolerances are almost perfect from what i can tell. Very easy to disassemble, if that is needed. Ingenious bearing lock system. Love it. Every spinner from this point forth should have a system like this. A must.
    I am happy with this spinner. I look forward to more in the future from this company.
    Side note- I spoke with Joshua on the phone. Killer customer service attitude and a cool dude.

  38. Ryan Spratt (verified owner)

    My favorite spinner so far. It just feels so perfect for me personally and I had to snatch the black. Comparably to the Y, I would say this is better for fidgeting and being able to get faster spins with ease. You can’t go wrong with the X or Y though, just know that. I would recommend getting both if you want to expand your collection

  39. christalk912 (verified owner)

    I bought this spinner and a pouch and I havnt had 1 problem yet . it spins like a little beast. all spinners are always smaller then I expect but its the perfect size. and the pouch is dope too perfect for coming around with me. ill probably get the brass next so I have a glossy one cant beat this price bang for your buck

  40. kaihutto

    I just got mine out of it’s container and it spun for 4:41
    Also it is amazingly smooth

  41. Jerome Howard Jr (verified owner)

    You ever spin a spinner and feel like your hand is about to fly away. That is how light and smooth this spinner is. Fresh out the tin-can, you can tell you got something real good. AND FOR THE PRICE…hands down a good quality spinner. I dont even need to clock the spin because it just keeps going.

  42. Konstantinos Pittas (verified owner)

    Ok it was not pleasant at all since my first spinner came with defective bearing! So I had this beautiful spinner on my hands trying to have some fun but it was so difficult because it did not spinning! I contacted​ with spinetic spinners and they told me that they will send me a new ring. I received it today and I can say that you should buy this spinner, it’s so good and spins very well!

  43. mikepeifer1980 (verified owner)

    Out of all the spinners I’ve tried out these ones are by far the best! I’ve even seen ones over 100$ that don’t compare to the Spinetic ones. Can’t wait till these guys open up a retail store, since I live in Phx, AZ I will definitely be there to show some support. If your in the market for a new spinner or haven’t tried Spinetic Spinners I promise you will not be disappointed. Just ordered a copper I today, and I can say without a doubt this will be the only company I shop with going forward. Love what they are doing!

  44. Chris Mendence (verified owner)

    The epitome of perfection. I had bought so many different spinner designs, spending what my wife would call “way too much money” trying to find the perfect spinner. Easy to fidget, no sharp edges, spins like a dream, balanced like no other. You’ll spoil yourself after spinning this gem and then going back to your other spinners. I have no use for my old spinners now that I’ve found this. Small but not too small by any means

  45. Roger Tyau (verified owner)

    This by far one of my favorite spinners. It’s heavier than the stainless steel X spinner and does not patina as fast like the copper one. I’m not a fan of the patina look but found that simply rubbing ketchup on the brass or the copper ones brings it back to a shiny look quickly. The removable bearings really come in handy when cleaning the spinner with ketchup, that’s for sure. I prefer the X version to the Y because for me, it’s just easier to do quick forward and back one handed spins with this model. I’ve gotten different and bigger model spinners but they just don’t have that satisfying feeling like my Spinetic X spinners. I always go back to putting them in my EDC rotation. People have complained about hot spots on these spinners but I don’t find any problems with the finishing on theses spinners. Could be the fact that my hands are calloused and are like leather gloves but I think they are finished pretty cleanly. These spinners are simply the best. They give me smooth 4 minute + spin times, easy front and back flick spinning, easy to clean, and has no wobble compared to other more expensive spinners. Add in the accessory pouch and this thing is ready to travel with me everywhere.

  46. Michael Yarborough (verified owner)

    have a black of each. all are great. this is my favorite. spins great. 5min+spin time out the box. only issue was a small chip in the black paint. But other than that amazing stuff

  47. jay.sav33 (verified owner)

    I’m new to the spinner thing, I bought a cheap one at a music festival to see what the hype was about and liked it but it broke 2 days later so I did some research and found spinetic spinners. I saw the outstanding reviews and happen to get lucky on a stainless X becoming available, I didn’t waste anytime and ordered.

    Now the spinner: I must say the quality of the spinner is outstanding!!! The shipping was super fast, the product is amazing, I could not be happier. First spin out of the box(medium hard spin) on the table went for 4 min and 57 second(those 3 more sec would have been sweet but hey, can’t even come close to complaining) but man this thing is smooth as glass. No wobble, just perfect. I also love the little ring you get from the stainless, very soothing. The only negative people talk about is the “sharp edges” idk if they changed it with the newer ones but I have no complaints about that, they have a slight edge but nothing to worry about. It’s really just a perfect little spinner for the money. I read about how small they were and watched videos and saw they were small but when I got it realized how small they really are. Honestly it’s a perfect size to me even with big hands, small enough for the pocket and great for messing with. Nice little tin it comes in also.

    To finish just want to say if you get one of these little gems you will not be sorry. Very very good product, very nice spinner and the price is perfect!!! I could not be happier!!! Thanks for the great product, now back to spinning. Lol

  48. Oscar Ingemansson (verified owner)

    Could not be happier than I am with this spinner. It has a really long spin time of four and a half minutes (04:36) and the design is beautiful. My favourite thing about this spinner is looking at it while it spinns. When you look at it spinning you can see three circles are made, one medium thick closest to your fingers, annother medium thick outside that and one thin on the edge.
    These circles are made because of the design of the wings and it makes it look amazing, you know what I mean if you have one.

    This spinner does have some hotspots but you dont notice them when you’re using it and they add to the cool design of the product.
    This spinner is also pretty small so if you do not like small spinners then don’t get this one.

    This is for me the perfect spinner, good value for price, good spinntime, good design and good sevice and I could recommend this to anyone who wants a spinner.

    P. S. Rubbing thumb against the buttons fells good because of the logo.

  49. Austin Milne (verified owner)

    This is my first Spinetic spinner. It won’t be my last. 5+ min out of the box, one cleaning and less than a week later of break in and it just did a 6:01 table spin, stock. Very nice size, weight and feel. Gotta love the black. Now I need them all.

  50. Brian Vargas (verified owner)

    This is by far my favorite spinner thus far. I own a few “big hitters” but this brass baby is right up in the the bunch. Solid, quiet, smooth, aesthetically pleasing, and just plain fun to spin. If I could endorse these guys like a guitar player would a guitar, this’d be the one.

  51. myles.hansen.xc (verified owner)

    This spinner is absolutely amazing, the same goes for the customer service. I had a an issue with USPS and had to wait 2 extra weeks to finally get my spinner. Customer support helped me along the whole way and was amazing. First spin out of the box was 4:21. It honestly feels like you’re holding the power of God in your hand it spins so nice.

  52. Lap Chee Mong (verified owner)

    I’ve got to say, the service is awesome, the response is awesome, the delivery is speechless, and best of all, the product is totally speechless, I’ve got 5 mins 48 secs, and I’ve timed many times during the last 3 hours and remain the same plus 1-2 secs. Definitely my favorite! Thanks so much and I’ve already purchased more immediately to fill up my collection!

  53. spencer.leininger474

    I bought the Brass X Spinner and was very exited to receive it. When I got it I found out it would only spin well on one side. At first I thought there was something wrong with the bearing so I took it apart and cleaned the bearing. When I tried to put it back together I found the problem, the bearing housing would not screw in all the way. Whenever I spin the spinner the bearing and the bearing housing become lose making the spinner rub against the buttons. This makes the spinner only spin for about 4 seconds.

    • Joshua Young

      Please email us!

  54. Ty Friedman (verified owner)

    Im gonna get straight to the point…This is my favorite spinner of all time. 6 minute spins right out of the box, its the smoothest of all my spinners, the build is sturdy, and it is small enough to carry around everyday, especially if you buy the carrying pouch. I fond that is is silent enough to spin in class as well.

  55. emrekeskin306

    Straight out of the tin (bought it through a friend because I don’t have a credit card), the X was by far the smoothest and quietest spinner I have ever touched (4:28, brand new). However, a day has passed, and it has suddenly started being VERY loud, and the spin times are way low (0:57). Anyone know why?
    Either way, this spinner, at first was awesome.

    • Joshua Young

      Sounds like a bad bearing. Please email us for a new one!

  56. Bashar Al Saigh (verified owner)

    Great product. Very nicely crafted and packaged. Has a nice metallic ringing sound when spun and spins extremely smooth. It’s fairly small in size but hefty. Took a while to ship economy to Ontario, Canada (almost a month) but it’s worth the wait.

  57. Mattais Lundberg (verified owner)

    The X is a great spinner but in my opinion the Y is slightly better. The bigger space between the wings on the Y makes it a more conftable spinner than the X.

    I guess im just a Y guy.

  58. Matt Thompson (verified owner)

    This is one of my edc’s at work (I usually take a few with me) that I use the most. I love the size and how it can go to being a champ at work and yet be stylish if I go out.

  59. charliemfavreau

    Just received my x today. Performed like everybody said it was; smooth, fidgitable, and had sharp corners. But mine had a “ok” amount of wobble, I looked closely at the center of the spinner while it was spinning and saw it jittering around, however the outside part did not. Meaning the bearing was not centered perfectly. I wish to have either a new stainless steel x that is not defected or store credit as I love all of your spinners you sell. I hope you resolve your quality control issues.

    • Joshua Young

      We have emailed you. Never heard of this issue.

  60. Jin Woo Yoo (verified owner)

    This was my first spinner to own and has since become my favorite from the Spinetic series. So smooth on spin, great gyro effect, and extremely fidgetable. The PVD coating not only gives it a cool stealthy look, but also helps to soften the edges, which was definitely an unexpected plus!

  61. Nicholas Kokotas (verified owner)

    From Australia
    I own around 35 metal spinners including a phat boy a trton2 a stubbie and many other high end spinners.I just got my X copper and I got 5min 30 out of the box.It is so fidgetable that I haven’t put it down until I wrote this.
    I don’t know if people get this but I want to bite this thing.It is addictive,soothing and frustratingly unstoppable
    Perfect size and weight
    Great blend of textures
    Secure grip on buttons
    Satin finish with a great logo
    Thanks for your contribution to my problem
    Love this thing!

  62. Xiu Zhen Leong (verified owner)

    Spins like butter, minimum noise. Definitely one of the most worthy spinner available for this pricing.

  63. Jenson Sow (verified owner)

    Got myself this Spinner X recently. I would say by far this is the best spinner compare to Kepler Very Dapper spinner and Triton V2 I bought recently from Spinetic Spinner. It is neither too heavy nor too light for me and it spin smoothly compare to the other two. All I can say is, I love this spinner. I can’t put 5 stars rating for this, otherwise, there would be no further room for improvement. There always will be some improvement to be made!

  64. Scott DeLong (verified owner)

    Love this spinner! Very smooth, great spin time, nice size and quite. Very fun to fidget with. Highly recommended.

  65. lhuntr

    Very high quality spinning with almost no wobble, just like its mini version I bought with. Overall a wonderful spinner. One possible drawback is its pointy design which could cause pain with long-time fidgetting. Another little problem is the black surface coating invaded between the inner shaft of the center button and the inner ring of the smooth bearing, disturbing smooth disassembling of the button, but I should easily handle this problem with some sandpaper.

  66. raulvbrito (verified owner)

    Great spinner, super quiet and smooth, just expected to be a little bigger and heavier like my Very Dapper but stills a lovely spinner

  67. tauren1234gaming

    I was VERY surprised of how smooth the spinner was, I tested it out right away and got 4 min and 32 sec right out of the box! definitely one of my favorite spinners!

  68. ecandland

    II was a happy recipient of a complete set of SS Spinetic Classic spinners, so I figured the least I could do was write a review. I’m starting with the X, because it was my favorite of the three.
    First I’d like to say that, these are really nice! When I’ve seen these in pictures, I thought they looked pretty good, but weren’t a must have. Now that I have them in my hot little hands, I’m really impressed. They are really much more impressive in person.
    The X in particular is great for fidgeting. It just feels so easy to spin, one-handed, in either direction. It seems like whichever direction you want to spin, your finger just lands in the right spot and reverse spins are easier than with my other spinners. I know some people comment that the Spinetic spinners don’t have rounded corners, but I really feel that there’s an advantage to the corners. When doing pulls it really helps you get purchase on your finger pads and make strong, powerful spins. Since I’ve received these spinners, I find that I’m reaching for the X more often than my other 5 spinners.
    Thanks Spinetic!!! You guys are the best.

  69. qmaximus77 (verified owner)

    Love this spinner!!! It’s by far my favorite. I have the stainless steel version, I love the sharp lines on the edges, really gives a good grip for spins. Super smooth spins and do like the slight feel and noise of the bearing. I have tried it with a one drop bearings and its to quiet and smooth for my taste (personal preference I’m sure) The ergonomics are great especially with the XL finger pads. I just ordered the titanium DNA Y and look forward to giving that one a go. Overall very pleased with my purchase. Thanks Spinetic 🙂

  70. chetcherka (verified owner)

    black color ..good spinner

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