Spinetic Spinners I Spinner

From: $24.99

*Bearing – Steel R188

Stainless Steel – 61.7g
Brass/Black – 65.5g
Copper – 68.9g

*Size – 58.5×22×11.9mm (LxWxH)

*Est. Two-Handed Spin Time (Out of the Box) – 3:00+


Optional Stainless Steel Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Titanium Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $14.99 USD

Optional Electroplated Finishes

+ $4.99 USD

Creates a weathered/worn look and chips at plating

+ $9.99 USD

Highest parts of the spinner are sanded to expose the metal under the plating

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Brass Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Copper Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Anodize Color

Custom Anodized Color

Finger Pad Finishing

Bearing Choice

Compared against stock bearing:
Hybrid Ceramic – Louder and longer spin time (currently unavailable)
FZ Essentials SBV2 Bearing – Quieter and less spin Time

+ $2.49 USD
Product price:
Additional options total:
Order total:


13 reviews for Spinetic Spinners I Spinner

  1. Jake Wido (verified owner)

    Cool little spinner i know all 2 arm spinners have wobble due to design but on this one the slightest movement even resting on your finger causes this thing to go crazy , i understand its due to the design but this one has the worst wobble ive came across , its smooth until the slightest movement , great figetability , corners are sharp enough to cause some discomfort ill prolly end up stonewashing it as i did with my ss x , spin time out the box was 4:43 not being broken yet , i do like how where the arms attach to the body its a smaller gap between to finger caps and body alot closer than the x , overall awesome spinner awesome looking but due to design lots of weight on the arms = hefty wobble enough to stop it if wiggeling it enough

  2. mrwafflez642

    Just got mine today, and it exceeded my expectations! Got a 6:44 table spin time right out of the box. The only problem is that when changing positions like horizontal to vertical, it wobbles a lot, but thats expected from two blade spinners. But overall a great spinner 😀

  3. anster (verified owner)

    This is an awesome spinner! Very smooth and quiet (like no noise at all). I got a 6:30 min spin with it. Only issue is they’re are a few rough edges but nothing game changing.

  4. Esteban Montez (verified owner)

    As someone who owns 6+ bar spinners, I can say that the Spinetic “I” has virtually no play in the buttons, or a bad “wobble”. I think anyone thinking that, jumped on the Spinetic “I” from the Spinetic “X” and “Y”, and so they don’t know how a bar spinner feels like when moving from one axis to another.

    I think this is an excellent bar spinner, and love the additional ring on the design of the weights, compared to the “X” and “Y” series’.

  5. Robert Brunello (verified owner)

    This spinner exceeded my expectations! Very smooth out of the box and I got a table spin time of over 5 minutes! The stainless steel is very pretty and really shines with Spinetic’s bi-bar design. I don’t have a problem with any wobble or sharp edges, for those things please me. Great value for the price, would recommend!

  6. Nicholas Fish (verified owner)

    This is my first spinner and it was everything i was looking for, at half the cost of most other authentic designs. Will reccomend spinetic spinners to anybody i know that is interested in buying a spinner

  7. David Barrett (verified owner)

    Came in the mail today on time. This is my first spinner so I have no experience with them, but this feels really good in hand not like you’re carrying around some rinky dink toy. It has nice weight, the overall design is very comfortable to spin & looks cool , I was expecting something bulky, this is perfect. First spin time out of box was 6:28, impressive compared to the other spinners in this price range.

  8. Thomas Loss (verified owner)

    I Got this one in a couple days ago. I’m very impressed for the price. I’ve spent more for lesser quality. 7+ minute spin time for me and the spin feel super smooth. I really like the visual style of this spinner.
    However there are a two drawbacks that should be mentioned. First, the fit and finish under the buttons and the sides of the bearing cage lack literal polish. Second, the corners are just too sharp. I’m going to fix this problem on my end, but I’d really like to see the manufacturer round off these hot spots.
    Overall I’m very happy with it and I’ll be buying another soon.

  9. Nigel Ng Alvarez (verified owner)

    This is super smooth. I really like the Spinetic I, i was anticipating it for a long time! “why don’t they make a Spinetic, but in a bar variant and call it the I?” – and the next day Josh announces the I. It was awesome.

    The Copper has a nice weight to it. Spins extremely smoothly. There are some sharp hotspots, but you get used to them. The square edges are alot larger than the X or Y, and looks really good doing a slow spin.

  10. jesse2205 (verified owner)

    This spinner is awesome! 6:30 table spin out of the box, 8:00 after cleaning. Feels really good in hand, smooth as butter. Very good spinner for discrete carry. It does not wobble any more than other bar spinners out there. Definitely a quality product for a great price.

  11. Kim André Stenbråten (verified owner)

    I don’t have any of the other Spinetic designed spinners (yet) to compare with, but I own a few other spinners, and this is definitely my favourite. I’m primarily a table spinner and two hand spinner (I don’t flicker in one hand), and do really appreciate the long spin times this Copper I has to offer. This thing consistently spins around 7 minutes on a table spin (my record so far is 7:20). Especially impressive is the longevity at low RPMs. I also have the Kepler XL which clocks in at about the same times as the Copper I. The Copper I seem to lose speed faster, but on the other hand it goes and goes and goes at the low RPMs – it doesn’t seem to want to stop spinning. This is really nice, as it is a handsome spinner to behold at those low speeds.

    I do like the square edges and surfaces on the Spinetic spinners, as they give me a better grip when giving the spinner its initial spin. The Kepler XL (and some others) with its more rounded surfaces is harder to grip firmly, thus doesn’t allow for the spinner’s full long spin time potential to be fulfilled. So stick with that, Spinetic – I will be buying more of your designs during the upcoming weeks (I just need to wait for the XL buttons to be restocked).

    Best regards from a happy owner in Norway.

  12. Mattais Lundberg

    This is a really nice two arm spinner with a slight wobble but expected due to its design.
    The only thing i would say is a little negative on the spinner is the black coating its easy to get a scratch. But at the same time it provides a very comfortable feel with no hot spots that out ways the negative.
    And the Black XL button is a really nice upgrade for the spinner.

  13. rwasho (verified owner)

    Receive my copper version today so smooth spins forever nice rounded edges if you like the dapper spinner you’ll love this if you hate the dapper spinner because of a sharp edges and wobbles this one will be a treat

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