Spinetic Slotbar UniFit Finger Pads

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We went tall for our VC-EDC pads and now it’s time to go wide! These pads are the same ones that come with our Slotbar Spinner and are a 25mm variant of the Cutbar pads. These buttons also include UniFit system washers which allow these finger pads to fit flush on spinners with either press fit bearing retention system or bearing lock retention system. These finger pads come with a set of washers. For spinners with press fit bearings, use these finger pads without the washers. For spinners with bearing lock retention systems, install washers on the finger pads before use.   They are sold in sets of 2  (1 male, 1 female), with washers pre-installed.

Diameter: 25.25mm

Height: 3.8mm

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