Spinetic S Class R188 Bearings

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Spinetic has reinvested back into bringing you some of the highest quality bearings for spinners. Here we have our Stainless Steel series, or S Class, of bearings. Currently we offer 1 variant: the TS (10 balls, Shielded). We will be adding more variations and specifications of each as time goes on.

Spinetic Class Series have automatic bundling! You will receive discounts if you purchase any Class Series bearings in packs of 3,5, and 10. You can mix and match these as well!

S Class – TS

  • 10 Stainless Steel Balls
  • Stainless Steel Retainer/Cage and Shield
  • Stainless Steel Inner and Outer Races
  • Spin Time – 3/5
  • Loudness – 1/5
  • Feedback – 2/5
  • Smoothness – 5/5
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