Spinetic Cutbar Spinner

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The Spinetic Cutbar Spinner is our newest in house designed spinner! We thought to ourselves what was missing from our current product collection. And then we realized a new mini bar spinner! After messing around with several versions we are proud to present the final version. We took the bump style and raised weight concepts from our Classic line of spinners and added a cut in between the raised section and the lower section. This not only provides for great weight distribution, but also gives the spinner a very unique appearance. The Spinner also includes a set of UniFit washers for the finger pads. This is to allow you to use the Cutbar finger pads on vertical retention screw spinners or just raise the height of the pads on the Cutbar to be taller.

This spinner does not use our normal vertical retention screw. Instead this is our first spinner we’ve designed that uses a press-fit bearing. Press-fit spinners will require a special removal tool, or some handy DIY work, to remove the bearing. We test each spinner before they go out to make sure the bearing is in the best possible condition.

Machined Finished Warning – The machined finish does have more pronounced edges and may be considered sharp. The machined finish does not feature brushed edges and faces like the regular stainless steel does.

*Material: Stainless Steel, Copper, or Titanium body frame with matching metal finger pads

*Bearing: Pressfit Spinetic S Class TN

Stainless Steel ~52.1g
Copper ~58.5g
Titanium ~ 30.5g

*Dimensions: 48mm x 23mm x 10.75mm (LxWxH)

*Est. Two-Handed Spin Time (Stainless Steel, Out of the Box) – 4:00+

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