Kepler XL Spinner


*Bearing – Steel R188

Stainless Steel – 91.75g
Brass/Black/Rainbow – 98g

*Size – 53mm×53mm×11.9mm (LxWxH)

*Est. Two-Handed Spin Time (Out of the Box) – 5:30+



Optional Stainless Steel Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Titanium Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $14.99 USD

Optional Electroplated Finishes

+ $4.99 USD

Creates a weathered/worn look and chips at plating

+ $9.99 USD

Highest parts of the spinner are sanded to expose the metal under the plating

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Brass Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Copper Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Anodize Color

Custom Anodized Color

Finger Pad Finishing

Bearing Choice

Compared against stock bearing:
Hybrid Ceramic – Louder and longer spin time (currently unavailable)
FZ Essentials SBV2 Bearing – Quieter and less spin Time

+ $2.49 USD
Product price:
Additional options total:
Order total:


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8 reviews for Kepler XL Spinner

  1. Jay Heyl (verified owner)

    I bought a Kepler Mini a while back and absolutely love it, so when I saw this larger version in the same form I just had to have it. It’s much like the Mini in having all nice, smooth edges. The form allows for many different spins, this one more than the Mini due to the larger size allowing different grips. I played with it for about an hour before timing a spin. I got 6:00 on a one-handed spin. Long spin time isn’t the end all for spinners but I do think it’s a good indication of how smooth a regular spin is going to feel. Just did a table spin while typing this and got 7:35. The clover leaves and the edges are all brushed and look quite good. My only small complaint is that the center portion appears to have no treatment at all after being cut and there are obvious tool marks all over. It would be nice if the center was polished to remove the tool marks. The contrast between the shiny center and the brushed outer portions would be striking. All told, though, I’m very happy with this spinner and would highly recommend it.

  2. Lyudmyla Colley (verified owner)

    The XL spinner is my current edc. I can’t put it down. The XL looks and feels like a spinner in a much higher price range! The weight is perfect as well. I prefer heavy spinners. It’s not very large but has some width to it. -There’s even an extra set of buttons that come in the tin!

    -Spinetic, this is a spinner that deserves an option with trit slots.

  3. William Moore (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite. It’s a simple, but effective design with no hot spots and awesome fidgetability. Great as a first spinner or for a seasoned vet. If you’re on the edge, get it!

  4. brian kendel (verified owner)

    wow…i LOVE this thing.

    this is my 3rd spinner from spinetic…and by far my favorite.

    this is basically just a large version if the kepler mini (which i also have and like). for my taste…its nearly perfect. if you are into spin times…i got 5:41 right out of the box. i can only imagine it will improve a bit with a little breaking in. the spin is smooth and quiet, it has a very nice gyroscopic feel when moving it around while spinning. the size and weight are just right (it feels a little heavier than i expected it to…which is a good thing).

    just like the kepler mini…this has some surprisingly interesting and pretty spin effects for such a simple design. the way the light glints off the three arms makes really nice patterns you might not expect.

    also just like the kepler mini…the fidgetability is very very good. its super fun to play with…it has lots and lots of ways to hold it and flick it. its just as satisfying to use your index, middle, or ring fingers, and also to either pull or push it. unlike the kepler mini which causes me some hand fatigue due to its small size…i feel like i could play with the kepler xl all day and never get tired of it.

    and how can you not like the extra set of buttons it comes with….really excellent.

    this spinner really is great and has instantly become the favorite one i have and my edc spinner. im very happy with this purchase and i highly recommend the kepler xl

  5. adrian.ahonk

    Kepler XL now become my favorite spinner.
    Very stable. No hot spot, the weight just right.
    My only complain just the center spinner still any machining looks. And the standart bearing not so good. Need to replace it.
    I got 8.40 afer using hybrid ceramic bearing.

  6. Scott DeLong (verified owner)

    Love this spinner, nice hefty weight smooth edges. It’s alot of fun to fidget with. Great spin time. Threw on some spinetic brass xl buttons and it looks and feels great. Definitely recommend.

  7. djorgy (verified owner)

    So great, 10 + after clean bearing. Couldn’t be happier!

  8. tamaramehls (verified owner)

    Kepler XL is very beautiful spinner I bought black one and I m happy, spin time 5+ min. very smooth spinner no noise, shipping time 9 days USA to GERMANY with Globitics free trial, Globitics is also amazing they doing great job, I wish I order more from Spinetic because they have very beautiful collection, God bless you Spinetic team, thanks

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