2R Designs Circulator Spinner


*Bearing – Steel R188

Brass – 77.5g
Stainless/Black – 72.4g

*Size – 48mm

*Est. Two-Handed Spin Time (Out of the Box) – 4:30+


Optional Stainless Steel Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Titanium Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $14.99 USD

Optional Electroplated Finishes

+ $4.99 USD

Creates a weathered/worn look and chips at plating

+ $9.99 USD

Highest parts of the spinner are sanded to expose the metal under the plating

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Brass Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Optional Copper Finishes

+ $4.99 USD
+ $4.99 USD
+ $6.99 USD

Similar to a tumbled finish, that is darker and more textured

+ $9.99 USD

Anodize Color

Custom Anodized Color

Finger Pad Finishing

Bearing Choice

Compared against stock bearing:
Hybrid Ceramic – Louder and longer spin time (currently unavailable)
FZ Essentials Super Bearing – Quieter and less spin Time

+ $2.49 USD
Product price:
Additional options total:
Order total:


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16 reviews for 2R Designs Circulator Spinner

  1. Alexander Glenn-Camden (verified owner)

    I’ve been spinning for about a week. Bought the Spinetic X is SS and it was awesome. About 2 days after getting it this dropped and I picked it up. Out of the box, it did 7 minutes compared to the 4 minutes the X did. The weight and feel is awesome. The spin is smooth and the sound it makes is pure. The shape and aerodynamics of this spinner was designed and perfected. Was going to carry the X as my daily spinner but after playing with this for about an hour, I’ll be switching over to this as my every day carry. Don’t get me wrong, I love the X, but this spinner is no joke! Get on the waitlist and as soon as it drops, buy it! You won’t regret it!

  2. Roger Tyau (verified owner)

    Just received this 2R Circulator today and I really like it. I’m used to the feel of the Spinetic X and other tri spinner designs so this circular shaped spinner definitely has a different feel to it. It is really well constructed. Well balanced and no wobble to it. Built like a tank in my opinion. Very small in size but has got some weight to it. I find that I really like using one handed front and back rolling flicks using my pointer finger and ring finger with this little guy. The large buttons makes grasping it with my thumb and middle finger really easy. This little guy shines the most with its table top spins. I always have a habit of soaking the bearing in 91% isopropyl alcohol whenever I receive a new spinner. Then I break it in by making it spin with a high speed blow dryer. This always seems to do the trick breaking in a new bearing fast. After doing this, I got an amazing 7 minute 50 seconds table top spin with this little guy. It came in a nice 2R designs tin can that will snuggly fit your spinner in for storage. Also enclosed with it was a nice cloth pouch to carry your spinner in. All in all, a nice little spinner to add to your collection.

  3. Dean Netzler (verified owner)

    -Really cool looking,
    -Super long spinning time.The first recorded spin was 8 min 8 sec.
    -The full outside frame is nice for me because I like to flick it with my middle finger and other ones it is easy to miss the flick.
    -great quality materials. it feels worth every penny.

    really just my fault- I’ve had it two days haven’t dropped it but is has silver showing through the black already.
    NOTE TO SELF- If I’m going to use it, it will get knicks. if you care about that as much as I do get one that will hide them.

    I have noticed that it may be a little off center if I’m holding it while spinning it wants to move a lot. my spinetic y will sit on my finger like it’s nothing.

  4. Jim Kimes (verified owner)

    When I opened my new Circulator spinner, I thought it was a bit small. After using it, I discovered it was the perfect size! On my first timed spin after opening I got 7 minutes 15 second spin time. The little black bag was a welcome bonus as I was contemplating having to order case to carry this in. Communication with the company was fantastic. They get back to you really quick, the shipping was quick. I’ll be recommending to everyone!

  5. Robert Allman (verified owner)

    Fisrt let it be said that I’m certainly not part of the “normal” demographic for these things. I’m a septuagenarian. I picked up a Spinetics brass Y a month ago as a tool to exercise my hand’s dexterity with. I’ve found it very enjoyable flicking back and forth. No noticeable hot spots or sharp edges on mine. Spin time is not something of importance to me other than the ease with which a spinner can be rotated.
    The notion of a cog style intrigued me so when the Circulator became available I ordered a brass version. Other cog styles are either way to pricey or too light for my consideration. The Circulator hit a sweet spot as it were. It is significantly heavier and thicker than the Y and also gives a different feel in use given the outside “wheel” versus the spacing between ribs close to the bearing pads on the Y for ones fingers to activate things. FWIW I wear a size 8.5 glove which is a medium. For me flicking the Y is easier although the Circulator is not difficult. As an aside currently I have moved the Spinetics open hybrid 10 ball bearing I also purchased from the Y to the Circulator and reinstalled the well broken in original SS 10 ball bearing in the Y.
    Bottom line is that the Circulator provides a much different experience than the Y for me and the jury is out as to which I prefer. Having both is a plus as neither I view as a replacement or substitute for the other. Certainly both are well designed and built pieces. No regrets and both models highly recommended.

  6. lehmantate (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful spinner. I have been into small spinners lately and they are really nice when you want to play with them in class and not have the teacher see them. It says 4:30 for the spin time out of the box but I got 7:30 for the first spin I did. Definitely satisfied. Really nice work for a great price. Would recommend.

  7. Ruziean AbdRashid (verified owner)

    Received today as expected. Out of the box 6 minutes spin. Buttery smooth….love it!

  8. Jeremiah Brown (verified owner)

    Silent spinner, very smooth and fast.

  9. Harry Grant

    Received mine today, and it is one of my absolute favorites! So sweet and smooth/balanced, and fits the hand perfectly. Keep Moving Forward

  10. Dale Probst (verified owner)

    It is a smooth, silent fast, and satisfying spinner. It is one of my favorites!

  11. Seth Sonenthal

    Bought this directly from the manufacturer, have to say, for a China made, US designed spinner from a great spinner brand, it is very nice. Be aware this is more of a fidget over a speed spinner because it is somewhat awkward to spin due to the size and shape, it is a wheel shaped spinner. Otherwise, it is smooth, fast and quiet. Well worth adding to any collection.

  12. gutek-chan (verified owner)

    Great little fidgeteer. Not so smooth out of the box but after a short bath in 98% alcohol it became stealthy silent receiving 3:30-4:00 of spin time. Definetely a must-buy if You don’t know what to do with Your fingers 😉

  13. brian kendel

    this is an excellent spinner. if spin times are your thing, it wont disappoint…i got 6+ out of the box….and 7:16 after a day of use. the weight and size are both nice, it maybe it does seem a bit small when you first see it, but it feels right in the hand.

    it has a decent gyroscopic feel to it, and the spin effects are ok…a little less that what i was expecting, especially considering some other reviews ive seen. the illusion of things moving in different directions was far less pronounced than i had thought they would be. still it is there somewhat.

    the one aspect i do wish was a little better is the fidgetability…because of the very uniform shape, it feels like its not always the easiest to play with. there arent a lot of places for you to get what feels like a really good grip on it. now…dont get me wrong…it has plenty of places to grip it and flick it….my point is that since they are all the same, it sometimes seems like you just wish you had a different grip available. i do sometimes like to push my finger against the side and flick it that way…but really…..theres not too many options. its not bad by any means, i just wish it were “more”.

    this is a really good spinner, if you like the “cog” style…this is a no brainer.

  14. V.sinuhe.c (verified owner)

    Amazing Spinner! I was very surprised the moment I got the spinner out from the box! I have had it for about 2 weeks and I can say that it is my favorite! I have a Deltacore and a Maelstrom and I just love the way the circulator spins! Out of the box I got about 5 minute spins. Now I am getting 9 minutes and 55 seconds on a table spin!!! I have not done anything to the bearing, it is in its original condition! I’m afraid to clean it to avoid decreasing the spin times! Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase and I will recommend this spinner to anyone looking for a new unique spinner! Keep up the good work!

  15. Nova Rio

    This is nice spinner. you should have this one. it is light and have a good fidgetbility. i have the silver one. and undo the electroplated silver. and show the nude stainless steel. now it appear more sexy..

  16. Žiga Žmavc

    Great cog spinner, awsome warp effect and super quality fpr the preice. No hot spots.

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