Spinetic Spinners Plus Series

Classic Design Revitalized with
Modern Technology

For those of you that have followed Spinetic Spinners for a while you may recognize this spinner! We released the X/Y+ back in late 2017 as one of the most customizable spinners on the market. Unfortunately we had issues with them and the overall assembly process were taking too long so we eventually removed them from our site.

However they are now back!

Through the use of modern 3D printing technologies we are happy to bring the X/Y Plus back for your collection! We have several different colors to choose from for the frames, inserts, and even some button inserts. Over time we will continue to release new options and maybe even metal inserts again!

Friction Fit PLA Inserts

One of the largest issues with the original release of this design was the tolerances on the metal inserts. While we would still love to produce metal ones we want to get these spinners out in the wild! Enter in the new age of 3D printing. It has come a long way from years ago and we are blown away at the quality these machines can produce. On top of that, due to the nature of the plastic material inserting and removing the inserts is snug and simple. The side hex screw is not needed to hold them in place.

The Modular Experience

One of the large goals of the Plus series was to make it so you could buy the spinner and then customize it to your liking. Grabbing different colors, swapping them out, mixing and matching. Even just buy the weights/frame individually. We have finally managed to reach that goal with this relaunch. We hope to continue releasing new colors, materials, and maybe even a few limited edition versions as well!


  • 303 Stainless Steel Frame and Finger Pads
  • Soft Media Blasted or Black Electroplating Finish
  • Chrome Plated R188 Bearing
  • PLA plastic inserts and optional button cover
  • Spinning Diameter - 65 mm
  • Arm Height - 11.5 mm
  • Button Weight - 10.5g / 12.9g with covers
  • Y Weight - 40.3g / 42.5g with PLA inserts
  • X Weight - 50.6g / 54.5g with PLA inserts

Color Options

*See image Below for Glowy/Frosted examples

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Button Covers


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Looking to build it yourself or customize your existing plus spinner? Grab whatever you need from our parts selection for the Plus Series.


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