February's Charity: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
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Spinetic Spinners has been a long project in the making. Originally we planned to release some of our own designs, and just sell them direct to consumers. We immediately started prototyping and contacting manufacturers. During this process we saw the spinner community evolve from a small group of metal machinists to a rapidly growing market.

As we saw more and more designs and products enter, we noticed there wasn’t a centralized source to learn and view many different spinners at once. You had to know the specific company, making a specific spinner, and hopefully after hours of research or trying to get on a pre-order list, you would finally find one. What a bunch of work, huh?

We then reformatted our business plan to what it is today. A one stop shop not just for our design, but for a vast collection of fidget spinners from around the world!

At Spinetic Spinners, we have 3 main goals:

  • From day one we wanted it so that when you purchase a complete fidget spinner from our website, a percentage of our profits go to a rotating charity every month either for mental health or child care. As mentioned in the FAQ section of our website, it is known that fidgeting is a coping mechanism for ADD and ADHD. Even though our products are not sold with the intention to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, we still want to give back to those in need, and believe we are in the perfect situation to do so!
  • As we stated above, the fidget spinner community is growing rapidly and with our expertise in social media, SEO, webdesign, etc. we want to be a valuable asset to this industry as a market place, where creative minds can join together to produce innovative products. By us focusing on retail sales, this frees up a manufacturer’s time to brainstorm the next big thing!
  • We want to make sure you, as our customers, are always taken care of. We have many years in the customer service industry and hope we can make your buying experience a pleasant one. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.