New Tumbling Media!

We never settle with our custom finishes. It’s always wise to customize, is our moto! So keeping with that spirit we not only try to add new finishes but improve our current ones.

Our tumbling finish was something that we liked but wanted to get something more consistent. After trying tons of different combinations we think we finally found our perfect media! It is a mixture of ceramic and fine silicone carbide. This media produces a beautiful texture that is most importantly very uniform around the entire part. Some knocks and crannies will still remain their stock finish, however we are noticing more coverage in comparison to our old media. In terms of texture vs our old media we are seeing even more of it! So for those of you who love getting the tumble finish on pads to add grip your about to be even happier. We are in the process of setting up another tumbler that will produce smoother and closer to our old finish in case that is what you enjoy, but for the moment any new orders that select a tumbled finish will be done using this media.

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