New Custom Lasered Products

We have been working with our laser for months and finally figured it was about time to get stuff on our site that used it. While adding lasering to a custom finish option is something we would love to do, we feel it may just make our listings too busy. So instead we will be releasing custom lasered stuff every now and then for you to purchase! We will have 2 listings. One for spinners and one for finger pads. We just released our first ones at the listing link on the bottom of this post. We will be experimenting with different metals and try unique ideas and designs as well. While we are still testing things out, all lasered products will be made in very limited amounts IE 15 or less for finger pads and 5 or less for spinners. We can also except custom orders using our lasering service on our inventory or stuff you send in. Just email us and we can sort out the details in terms of time frame and cost.


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