New Clearance Specials!

At 12 MST, IE about 20 Minutes from now, we will be making our First CSS (Clearance Sale Special) product live.

If you have been following us, a few months ago we were doing a warehouse Wednesday special. This new sale is to replace it. With Josh’s full time day job, getting these random products ready to ship can take quite some time. So every now and then he will get what we have together and post them up under the CSS branding (CSS is also a term used in web development which is what his new job is). It may be 1/2 items a week or there may be no item at all that week.

Make sure to join our Facebook group and tune into the Weekly Spin podcast every Sunday to find out what he might have in store!


As with the Warehouse Wednesday specials stock is limited, final sale (no returns), and once it’s gone it’s most likely gone forever!


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