Holiday Box is Back!

After a long await period of time we are happy to announce the Spinetic Holiday Box is back!

Tracy has put here time and care into these boxes and worked tirelessly with Josh to make sure that when we brought it back it would be special. We did have to do some slight changes to the box and they are as follows.

  1. The box will now charge you a shipping fee before adding to chart. The holiday box is boxed up and has hand cared presentation along with it so adding products to it are not allowed. Due to this we also are unable to send the boxes USPS Priority as it will either add a large cost to use our own box or ruin said presentation by being in a small flat rate box.
  2. The price of the holiday box is now $29.99 and while this is more then it used to be I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what goes into this box. Not only the products but also the care and time to make it something special for you!
  3. Product selection. We try to keep the products in the boxes completely random and at least worth the money you are paying for. As you know we moved this past year and thus have a ton of product that never made it back onto the site due to limited time and availability. Some boxes my contain older beloved spinners such as the Kepler Mini and Artic Dolphin Jewel.

If all of this sounds like the perfect gift for a family/friend or maybe even yourself this Holiday season then head over to the Holiday Box Listing to pick one up today!

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