Spinetic Status Update!

We Moved Again! Items Found! You may have noticed that things haven’t been getting any major updates here at Spinetic Spinners. Well that’s my, Joshua’s, fault. I just moved into a new home and with …

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New Clearance Specials!

At 12 MST, IE about 20 Minutes from now, we will be making our First CSS (Clearance Sale Special) product live. If you have been following us, a few months ago we were doing a …

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AngleLine Status + Drop News

Hey everyone, Quick update on things. Timing was terrible between the arrival of the AngleLine and orders from our other site Fineticedc.com being all at once. At this point I’m about 85% caught up and …

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They have arrived! Mostly Over the next day we will be shipping out all the aluminum and non custom other metals. Custom finishes should be worked on and completed this weekend. The Aluminum units came …

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April AngleLine Pre-Order Update #2

As promised here is your weekly update on the Pre-Order. The Bad Unfortunately no arrival of them to us this past week unfortunately. The anodizing took much longer then we and our cnc shop expected. …

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April AngleLine Pre-Order Update

Hey everyone, here is a long overdue update about the status of the Angleline Pre-Order we ran the end of April. Addressing Lack of Communication: First off I would like to apologize on the lack …

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