They have arrived! Mostly

Over the next day we will be shipping out all the aluminum and non custom other metals. Custom finishes should be worked on and completed this weekend.

The Aluminum units came out pretty heavy at 40.5g for the bar and 50.8 grams for the tri. On top of that the colors!

We did have issues with the orange units and are hoping to have them fixed next week.

Slight changes:

We had a small communication issue with our CNC shop and these units have an M3 screw vs an M4. Because of this our current UniFit set screws will not work. I still need to test whether the current M3 screw is long enough to work with our washers as well. Please let us know what you think of the M3 threading, especially if you have a set of AnglePads with the larger M4 screw. We are considering moving all buttons over to M3 on future batches if there are no problems and thus purchasing different length M3 screws to include with them.


If everyone goes as plan we are going to put the extra units in stock on Monday 6/22/2020 at noon PST. We will be posting an update here an our social media once we confirmed this date. Keep in mind the orange units go in stock at a later date.

Thank you everyone for your patience and we hope you enjoy your spins!

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