AnglePads Restock and UniFit V2!

So as you all may be aware I have been doing a washer system called UniFit for a while now. The main reason for the UniFit system was to allow people to use our buttons on both retention and pressfit spinners. Retention spinners usually need to sit a little higher on the body in order to allow clearance for the buttons.
It started out as a dedicated 1mm thick male threaded and female non threaded washer set that comes with our buttons. With the first runs of AnglePads I decided to add a small lip on them thus removing the need for a male threaded washer and allow people to just use 2 female ones. The reason for the change was to allow us to mass produce the female washers and be able to sell them on the website, however, this change had mixed results as the amount of threads this new system used was very small and didn’t feel 100% secure.
The UniFit system always had this flaw where the amount of threads being used was shortened due to the added washers. This changes now!

Multiple Washers, Multiple Set Screws

With the introduction of Tungsten to our website (and other exotics coming soon), machining a male and female button is either unpractical or has a high failure rate. So our Tungsten buttons have always came with a set screw. We have decided to change our regular metals on this batch to use a set screw as well! This has the added advantage of being able to swap our set screws for either longer ones and prolong the life of the buttons by swapping out set screws for damaged ones. Each button will come with the following:

  • M4 Set screw in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm lengths
  • 0.5mm and 1.0mm washer set

We hope you enjoy this new evolution of the UniFit system and await your feedback.
I haven’t picked a date and time but we have the following buttons to be put in stock. The washers/screws will also be available for separate purchase as well:

  • SS 22 and 25
  • W 22 and 25
  • Copper 22 and 25
  • Brass 25
  • Titanium 22

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