Holiday Mystery Boxes

Like surprises and awesome deals? Pick up one of our new holiday theme mystery boxes. All contain multiple spinners and boxes have total retail value ranging from $50-$100. Grab this months Halloween themed box for only $34.99!

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Trick or Treat WeeK

Trick or Treat Week ends tonight at Midnight and as a special event we removed the tricks and it’s all treats! Everything that was on sale throughout the week is back on sale until Midnight tonight! Grab one of these deals ASAP before they are all gone!

DNA Launch is Live!

The DNA X, Y, I have arrived and have been flying off our shelves. We are already out of a couple in certain metal finishes. Check out what we have left still to be a part of batch 1. Batch 2 is already on it’s way and we will have in a few weeks.

The DNA Ring is due to go live 9/26 at 12pm Arizona Time. Photos and info will be updated later 9/25!

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New Bundles section where we bring you savings by offering different bundles regularly. Check it out!

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Bearing Clearance Sale

We started ordering our bearings direct from the manufacturer. This means we are getting better prices and will be passing on the deals to you! So now until they are gone we are offering our current stock at a large discount. Click the link below to get 5 or more of our current ones for more then 50% off!

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Home of the Original X and Y

The Classic X and Y are our flagship spinners. These inexpensive spinners feature a high quality R188 bearing, come in a variety of metals and were the first to use a threaded bearing cap design to allow easy removal of the bearing for cleaning or replacement. All Spinetic Designs are guaranteed to spin at least 3 minutes on a table spin or your money back!
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Welcome to Spinetic™ Spinners

Spinetic™ Fidget Spinners is your one stop shop for all things spinner related! We carry several brands and accessories to satisfy all of your fidgeting needs! Our stock and selection is constantly being updated. If you don’t find what you need please call or email us and we will do our best to get you the fidget spinner you are looking for! If you would like to learn more about our company, such as our charity of the month.