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Spinetic Spinners has been providing quality fidget spinners at affordable prices since 2016. We have many original designs to choose from in a variety of metals!

Build your own X/Y Spinner

Spinetic has finally brought back our well known X/Y Plus spinner. With it’s modular weight system you can build your next favorite spinner to your exact taste!

Tiny but Mighty!

We managed to find some stock of the classic VC EDC Spinner.

This aluminum fidget spinner is light weight, zippy and won’t break your wallet at only $7.99.

We even have a special deal where you can get 2 for $15!

VC EDC 25mm Buttons

We have finally restocked the VC EDC 25mm finger pads.

Check out our new options for the UniFit Spacer System and new laser engraving custom finishes!

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Your One Stop Spinner Shop

High Quality, Affordable Pricing

With Spinetic Spinners you don’t have to settle on quality over price. We provide one of the largest selections of spinners in the world while also keeping quality, price, and your satisfaction our top priorities.

Family Backed, Quickly Packed

Our shop mother and son owned and operated here in Gilbert, Arizona. After you place your order will we quickly pull and quality check your products before sending it on it’s way to you!

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    Spinetic Status Update!

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  • The Voyager Pre-Order Update – They are on their way to us!

    The Voyager Pre-Order Update – They are on their way to us!

    The Voyagers have shipped from our CNC Shop The Voyagers have shipped from our CNC Shop and should be at our location ASAP. Keep an eye out on your email as we expect a majority … Read more

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